block buster? Environment WIP


okey here is someting I started today…it is a inspiration I got when I was looking at my block buster…here what I have done yet!!I wante to do a lote more…its just a start!^^



Looking good man. can we see some wires?


okey today i have find the time to finish the car…here how it is looking…+ a wire


ps: about the wire il clean it up a litle bit first^^


You shouldn’t bother doing the exhaust pipes the way you did. There’s no reason for the pipes to have a real opening. Also, the mirrors could lose the bevels. You could then take the polys (Somewhere around 40, if I counted correctly) and use them to enhance the silhouette of the Mustang.

You should also perhaps get rid of the outermost bevel on the tires and make the tires have just one smoothing group. The smoothing groups you have make visible the decagonal shape of the tire, and also break up any possible triangle stripping in that area.


okey Keiyentai here some wire

and Matt tanx for the very good critique i will start to optimize the car tomorrow!! tanx a lot

any good idea…or a realy nasty critique…do as you like…i just wanted to get beter^^


Just curious of the final purpose of the piece, since it’s so low poly. Loking good so far though


itsallgoode9…i dont realy have tinking about this…i ame not realy doing it for anyting special…lol…hum its not for any game idea…its maybe fot fun…and practice…ho well if it end well i tink i will add it to my porfolio to…just triing to do someting…big…with less polygon possible!! just for fun maybe^^


okey… i just add somme light…


Looking good man. Would make a cool CS Source Map I think hehe. Duking it out in Block Buster lol.


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