i just started today (17 th june) and i need some desperate help in blitz 3d , i need a simple starting tutorial …



a quick poke around the Blitz 3d site, and I found this page:

Looks like that has everything you should need.


thanx man, its been a really been a BIG help.

though i ve already found a tutorial( it really sucks) .

    thanx again:bounce:


Most blitz people hang out at, they should be able to help you.


oh yeah , i went there in the first place . just after i created my thread.
thanx anyway


is their any thing out their like blitz 3d that will run on a mac.


no sorry, i tried searching for it on ask and google.
couldnt find anything for a mac


Rumor has is that the next version of Blitz3d will be called BlitzMax. It’s supposed to be opengl based instead of Direct3d based and will be cross platform for mac and linux users…no ‘official’ word on it that I know of but it’s been floating around the blitzbasic forums for a while. I just hope it has some form of displacment or normal mapping so I can put Z2 to good use for our game. :slight_smile:



For mac users, try looking into the Torque engine. It’s a C++ style syntax instead of a BASIC syntax like Blitz3d but the features are impressive. This was the engine used for the Tribes game series also I believe.


pnoland - surely you jest :wink: BMax was announced about 2 months ago on the official forums. there will be an initial mac release in august, and a windows release about a month later. but it will have a very limited feature set. while i adore the new syntax and features of the language, i’m not sure that there will be enough “goodies” to keep anyone but the most hardcore developers interested. i’m writing a 3d engine in C++, and let me say that thank god there is blitz3d, and there will (as of now) not be an official 3d module for blitzmax.


shrugs My bad, I don’t keep up with these things anymore…after I realized I’m no programmer. :slight_smile:


The user submitted code is better to look at. Search for “Global” in the forums area. Then copy and paste each into Blitz3d and execute until you find one you like.


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