blins shape problems


hello cgtalkers, I have a question for the maya masters out there. I have a character that I am animating. everthing is working fine except for the blend shapes. For example, I have the character walking and coming to a stop. Once I begin morphing the face, the mesh levitates back to the origin. I reset the shape and it returns to the shoulders of the character. I remember there being an editor in maya where I can change the hierarchy of what was done first in the scene (like mesh transformations, skeletal rig, blend shapes). Its been a while so it escapes me at the moment. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks,


right click on your object, inputs -> all inputs…
then just drag the inputs around to the order you like

next time when you make the blendshape, either do it before skinning, or set the blendshape options to “front of chain”



It also sounds like the blends are set to world
instead of local.

in the att ed under
blend shape attributes origin…



thanks, I really appreciate the help. I’ll give that a try. Maya can get so deep sometimes. thanks again.


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