Blind Walker, Armin Primig (3D)


Title: Blind Walker
Name: Armin Primig
Country: Austria
Software: CINEMA 4D, Photoshop, ZBrush

Inspired by a gnomon dvd (something like a frog where the “pilot” was fastened with ropes) i came up with this guy.
I put not that much attantion on the girl (took her hin to get a feel for the scale of the walker) cause at least she´s to tiny to recognize detail on her.


different colors:

Hope you like it. c&c are very welcome


i like it…


strange looking robot , but very cool and well done :wink:


fantastic model cool colours :beer:


I’m not really sure what this thing is but it’s pretty awesome :slight_smile:


your clay model looks great… for some reason the texturing doesnt do it justice.
love the clay.


thx for the positive feedback :slight_smile:


Wow, great details, and i like the low shot with the “human reference” there :slight_smile:
Hope you can post a dirtier version of it :slight_smile:
Good work!



This guy is really killer. Totally massive with tons of parts and details. I have to agree with the earlier statement. Some more texture work could have really set this apart from the pack. Your color choices and layout are great, materials are really sharp and dialed in, but it is too polished. For something this massive, I don’t think you could build it without getting a single scratch on it. There are defects in everything, and that is what would have really sold an image such as this. It doesn’t have to look like it just strolled out of the battlefield, but it shouldn’t look perfect either. I also think the model at the bottom is out of place. Not the model itself, but the render looks like it was comped in although it is only really there for a sense of scale, it doesn’t fit as well as it should. There is a cast shadow of the model on the leg of the Walker, but no reflection of that model on a highly reflective surface, which goes back to the consistency and realization of the texture work that would have ultimately sold this guy hands down. All in all, great piece and great addition to your portfolio. 4*


thank you :slight_smile:
yeah in the future i will came back on this and make a “used” version of him ^^

thx for your positive comments and constructive critics :slight_smile:
as i said before i will came back on this and improve the textures
you are right with the girl!! in the next version i will care for that too :wink:


definately great modelling…and lghting,materials and rendering…it reminds me the movie(speed racer)…something like a security droid or something.5 starszzz from me!!


ye nice! This looks like some main character/robo from some “another hero” movie =) great modeling and texturing! Maybe if u could add a bit more light, would be great! keep up the orsm work!


If you want to have a scaling reference.
How about changing the girl to a mechanic perhaps fixing part of the leg?
Doesn’t seem to add to the image other than scale reference.
This is quite a nice punchy image


thx!!! pleased to hear that =)

nice to hear that!! thx!!
generell more light or just from the front?!

maybe i will do it in the dirtyversion :wink:


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