Blind Ninja Bunny, Ramón Acedo (2D)


Title: Blind Ninja Bunny
Name: Ramón Acedo
Country: Espana
Software: Photoshop

The Chicken, the Werewolf,… and the Blind Ninja Bunny.
Put those ingredients together and this is what you get. The mad Werewolf was roaming the village at night. When mornig came he looked for a shelter, and find it in an old barn. Entering the barn through the broken roof he found it full of chicken. Yum!, fresh meat… That was the moment when Blind Ninja Bunny, the furry hero, made his appereance to save the day, and then…

Hope you like it. All crits are wellcome.


Haha! Nice work, I like rabbit :slight_smile:


aahaha! Hilarious! I can see the bunny charging across the room in wrong directions! haha!
Paintings like this one make me wanna do more bright and funny images! The bunny is priceless man! I acctually did LOL! :stuck_out_tongue:


u really made me laugh Ramitxon…i like the rabbit (what a jump) and chicken in the foreground, infact all of them. lol. very good work with a feeling of movement as well.



haha… excellent work… I love it…!!!:thumbsup: nothing to say… great!


great idea and a good style, i like it! and it’s even very funny - blind ninja bunny :-))))


That’s so cute. I love the chicken!!! :smiley:


Hehe, bunny! I like it a lot:)


5stars here u go~. :thumbsup:


Thanks guys, glad U liKe it.


hahahha so funny concept:thumbsup:


The bunny looks awesome. :thumbsup:



The whole thing is awesome and absolutly MUST BE TURNED INTO AN ANIMATED SHORT!!!


the expressions are priceless and i love those rough brush strokes! very dynamic.


very dynamic picture. i love the composition and that bunny’s expression looks like he enjoys what he does… for a blind bunny. my only gripe is with the tongue… i’m not sure but it just looks like it is coming out at a wierd angle


supercool pic, love it Oo


Muy bueno!!
La luz entrando desde arriba junto con las plumas crean un ambiente increíble, y las caras de las gallinas están muy bien también!
4 estrellas…


omygod it’s so cute!! hahaha… and i like the story of it, nice concept :smiley:


Very funny…this scene would surely be a good animation.


WoW! Very cool job! Great dynamics and idea! :thumbsup: