Blind Batman - Real Time Character, Jocelyn Zeller (3D)


Title: Blind Batman - Real Time Character
Name: Jocelyn Zeller
Country: Canada
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

this is my entry for the comicon 2010 challenge on

I choose to do an old blind batman with a high sense suit and 2 assist drones.

Full model + 2 drones / 11800 tris + 2048 diffuse/specular/gloss/glow/normals

This is rendered real time into Marmoset Toolbag :

hope you enjoy !


more shots
still in marmoset toolbag,
I cropped the pic to have more resolution, sorry, =)
but I linked the full size pic under evey shots if you are looking for it.


high poly and final lowpoly ingame model

zbrush screengrab



Great character, congrats :applause:


best entry for me, great pose, expression and lighting.
wish you luck


Awesome character! Love the details on the back cape! Good luck in the competition!


this is a very nice work man
good luck with the contest!


great looking character… i’m sure your entry will place well into the top 10…


awesome ! you have good chance to win I think ;).


perfect style, my favourite from competition, hope your place will be first :bowdown:


Great character, congrats :buttrock:


Damn! Nice character. Looks very photoreal, and superb materials and lighting. His armor and overall look, makes him kind of “melted” hitech look. Head looks awesome! :applause:


Excellent work!

Good luck!



fantastic work. Very nice work in your gallery as well good luck!


Master piece low poly char,both concept and final model,I loved it!!!


That’s pretty amazing. One of the coolest best batman’s I have ever seen. Wish he was in a more dynamic pose but maybe that’s for another time. Really great job I just love it!


one of the best batmans … i love that batman :love:


holy …, excellent work man!!!


whoa, thats a goodlooking game character


That’s Extreme.

Great modeling, texturing and posing. Awesome style.

Beautiful work man, 5*


Cool character! :cool: