Blessed Goat, Gonçalo Pereira (2D)


I love the color !


Parabens!! Excelente trabalho!


Great work man, Wonderfully rendered, great characters and the palette is really appealing. You may want to consider adding something on the far left (or cropping the far left out) of the image. The dead space there as the hill goes down to the left and away from the goat tends to take away from the the focal point of the piece. Maybe more dead trees that bring that side up a little higher and darker, or more hills behind the goat’s hill might help.
It looks great!


Great image! The color and style is really nice.


wonderful and spectacular work man … lovely 5 stars :slight_smile:


very !!! nice !!!


Muito, Muito Bom trabalho, passa pelo www.illustratorbase.come deixa lá o teu site, you rock.


I like it. The only thing that sort of bugs me would be the dino’s forearms… but then again, pretty much all bi-pedal dinosaurs had quirky-looking forearms.


good!!I like it!


:thumbsup:Good :arteest:Good :applause:Good :cool:Good :)Good :lightbulb


You art work makes me smile… a lot!
Keep up the inspiring work. I really dig your style.


Great work :smiley: :beer: :wink:


So cute and Funny. poor animal. The picture is amazing well done. cool colors.


wa,so cool!


Very funny illustration …Fantastic


Nice colors.I love it.


… e ele soma e segue.



Great vivid colors! I like the realistic detail and frightful expression of the T rex and on the other hand the comic style and funny face of the poor goat!


nice work…keep it up…


ahaha! The goats expression is what makes this picture! He had no idea it was coming haha… poor goat.