Blessed Goat, Gonçalo Pereira (2D)



this is really cool Goncalo,

I especially like the goat and the way you did the dinosaur’s tail.


Hilariously awesome! Excellent illustration. I like the character personalities and composure. Great content.


This is so funny and beautiful, very good job!


Absolutely wonderful work, Goncalo, just bursting with humour and character - you’re emerging as a serious talent on these forums. Keep up the brilliant work! Phil


Indeed another great and fast one from you my friend! Dynamism, color scheme, and overall composition are a charm!

Congrats! :smiley:


Ui! Award again!! :cool: You really deserve this exposure my friend! :slight_smile: CONGRATZ!! Go go! :smiley:


PS: Pronto, agora é que já não há churrascada pa ninguém! lol Mas pelo menos fica o sonoro pa festa de celebração! :applause: BLACK DIAMON está na area companheroh:


Truly amazing man the colors are beautifull but
I don’t feel that blessed is the correct adjective for this poor goat je je je !
5 stars from me :thumbsup:


Thank you for viewing and such nice words on my piece.
I still have a long way to go, anyways, honestly thank you the cgsociety for the consideration.

Malanjo, Bomba lá isso no 10 que a gente ainda arranja um lombo p assar!

PMD, Thank you. much respect.

Migmax3D, Thank you for the awsomeness supportness my friend!

Gbball, FRENZIEDmind, Littlelizard, Gyorkland, Thank you for comments;)



very skillful! I love it!
success for you man!:cool:


that’s funny :smiley:


hey du,not bad.go on!


Hi Gonçalo

Nice concept and style, i like it very much your pallete and compositions…congrats…keep up the good work…

PS-É bom ver os tugas a vingar por ai, continua o bom trabalho estas no bom caminho…abraço


the picture is great. you may want to tone down the cartoonish look of the teeth on the lower jaw… as well as the angle of the teeth.

but nice pic either way


Great piece! Vibrant colors, dynamic composition, humor, scale, what’s not to like?


I love it. Somehow I am expecting the goat to kick the lizards butt. His expression makes this look very comical.


BlazingEyes, Thank you, for you to man!:wink:
towarlock, li880222, miguelf, Glad you liked it, Thanks;)
Demensia, Thank you for your points.
RicoD, Thank you, very much appreciated;)
Picky, Glad you notice that man! Thank you;)


Very nice work indeed. I love it…


nice colour:thumbsup:


Muito bem feito. Gostei das cores em geral :slight_smile:


I’ve looked at this and a few more of the peices in your portfolio.

I like the way everything in your work fits together cohesively. And it’s cool to see that you are having fun with what you do…Thats what its all about.

I look forward to seeing more of your stuff.