Blessed Goat, Gonçalo Pereira (2D)


Great vivid colors! I like the realistic detail and frightful expression of the T rex and on the other hand the comic style and funny face of the poor goat!


nice work…keep it up…


ahaha! The goats expression is what makes this picture! He had no idea it was coming haha… poor goat.


Poor goat, love the expression lol. Detail is excellent great work.


Wow, excellent piece! Love the humor too :slight_smile:


I like it the Idea and so baeutiful man it’s very good :buttrock:


Thank you for your continued support and comments, i apreciate them very much!




i think goat has em right where he wants em


:eek: Incredible, I can’t say more .


Absolutely amazing! So funny and great color palette!!!


I realy like this picture…especialy the goat :applause:


The dino is very similar to the one depicted in the 3d World #102 tutorial and the April 2008 Dino painting tutorial in ImagineFX.
Very funny piece.


I totally love the goat expression! :slight_smile:


Great characters! It’s saved and starred.


The environment looks good, the color scheme is great, and the theme is humorous. One thing with the characters, though. With the dinosaur it looks like you went for a realistic theme, and it looks great. But, the goat looks more cartoony and doesn’t really fit. If you made the goat look more realistic, or the dinosaur look more cartoony, it would look great. Great job overall, though.


It’s so nice man.


Hilarious work :cool:! I love the colors!


I love the “potential energy” depicted in this piece. Great composition, palette and of course, rendering! Great work!


WOW!!! Very good consept!


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