Blessed Goat, Gonçalo Pereira (2D)


Title: Blessed Goat
Name: Gonçalo Pereira
Country: Portugal
Software: Photoshop

Hi everyone,
One more with a dinosaur, tried to capture an action moment in a fun context between some type of predator dinosaur and a mountain goat, done entirely in photoshop, critics are most welcome.



lovely style, great colours and composition!

I like this very much!


Another great work ^^
Very good compo and nice colors :applause:


love the expression of the goat.


The action depicted is super dynamic. The colors you chose and how you used them is really impressive. Great work.



Very good consept,:thumbsup: poor goat.


I love it :slight_smile:
great work


Outstanding work! I love the toonish style!


Poor goat! Very funny illustration! :thumbsup:


absolutely amazing!) 5*


You captured the moment so well here, love it :slight_smile: 5 stars


Great dynamic and very interesting style


That’s one fabulous piece of work Goncalo. Super lighting and colour. An easy 5 stars in my book.


Huge Thanks to everyone´s views & comments, very appreciated.



Very nice, i like your palette, the blending of a realist style (for the scales of the dino) and a cartoon style (for the environment) is perfect, really like it.


wonderful job…colors, composition and all…and the drama too…:thumbsup:.


I really like this one my friend! :slight_smile: Really good job on the diffuse light approach, really hard to do for sure…!
5* from me!

Go, go! More, we want more! :thumbsup:


PS: Depois deixa o cabrito ali no meu barraco, pra logo a noite o desmanchar e fazer-mos todos uma churrascada no local do costume (no bidom aberto a meio, com a bela da garrafa de plástico com àgua ao lado… para ajudar ao trepar do lúme!) :drool:


I have a hunch, Next Synopsis unlucky guy is not the sheep but the dinosaur.
Very lovely work!
5* form me,My friend


Hey! Congratulations, it’s a wonderful art piece!..Again :slight_smile:


Nice to read some more comments, Thank you.

Malanjo, thanks for the drop! Abraços