blendshapes and rigging workflow order?


Hey guys,

I’m working on a single mesh character, and I’m ready to start making it animatable. For facial expressions, i’d like to use blendshapes, but use a skeleton to animate body parts. Should I create the blendshapes first, THEN rig/skin the character, or the other way around? What is your typical approach?

For reference, this is the basic example of the character:



its a common misconception that blendhshapes should be created before the skinning process. Maya is a very powerfull tool, theres tons of different ways to get something done.
U can make blenshapes before or after skinning, it dosne’t really matter, u just have to change the deformation order if u do it after skinning. The skin cluster must execute first in the stack.
btw, cool character.


As modi said it really doesn’t matter, I currently have a character at work that I’m almost done rigging, and because Maya is such a powerful tool you don’t necessarily have a set order to accomplish things, you can even UV and texture after you rig, but the trick is moving the blendshape node beneath the tweak node in the channels, so it evalutes as expected. To do that, right click on the skinned mesh, go to Inputs|All Inputs| middle click and drag the blendshape node to the bottom of the stack. Done.

You have to be careful when adding more nodes to a bounded mesh tho, since you can have some very weird deformation problems and not to mention load times.

The ideal nodes you should have are:


And that’s it, now the fun part is figuring out how to keep that clean :wink: I would tell you but nah… gotta give that old college try for a few times yah? :slight_smile:

Good luck

P.S. Modi buddy I thought you’d be down here in Toronto by now! What happened? :slight_smile:



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