Blending Life: Pirate Captain, Ben Simonds (3D)


Title: Blending Life: Pirate Captain
Name: Ben Simonds
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Blender, GIMP

This is an image I made for a the Blending Life competition on Image was created using Blender for modelling, rendering and compositing, and GIMP for textures.

You can see a high res (2480x3508) version here:


Fantastic job! Great character and the textures are really good. It’s amazing to see great work from artists who use free programs! :thumbsup:


Awesome rendering!
How long did it take to create that wonderful rendering?


superb model and render. nice hair.
great job


Wow, a truly eye-catching piece - a rare phenomenon also photographers have to fight for. Don’t know how exactly you’ve achieved that, but it’s gorgeous. At second glance the stubble at his right looks like burned a bit, but being a pirate isn’t a cakewalk and it’s still a first class piece without doupt. :arteest:


Thanks for the nice comments.

@c4dazubi08 In total I spent about two weeks on this for the modelling/texturing etc phase, and then a further week trying to get my comp to play nice whilst rendering out a high res version!

You can see the huge version (2480x3508) here .


Very nice, but there are some issues with hairs, specialy seen on high res verison - Hairs comes out form the hat in some places, also the connection with face hairs and skin looks very bad - texture wasnt prepered for hairs there and the shadows seems not to be there.

Overall very nice work.

BTW: Didnt u use some of the commercial sculpting utilities?
if not, tell us how did u model wrinkcles etc, cheers


@keraj37 Everything apart from textures (done in GIMP) was done with blender, including sculpting. Blenders sculpting tools are getting more mature now (still not a zbrush or mudbox level, but usable nonetheless) and so I was able to use a mix of alphas and standard brushes for sculpting, just like one would in zbrush. It can handle pretty high poly counts to - I got to about six levels of subdivision on the base mesh - around 1.5million polys if I remember correctly.

Here’s a screen showing the sculpted details from early in the project:


Thanks for sharing, looking at your work and other at or here on cgtalk I must say that Blender is going to be very powerfull utillity and for free! That is amazing. It even can sculpt, woo!

After I looked again at your work, I must say that u could play more with it in Gimp, it lack of postproduction IMHO, but I am the person who loves big contrast and hugh post, so I can be wrong:)


EDIT I made the postproduction on your image, and if u agree to show it let me know, becouse I dont want to manipulate with your work without your permission, cheers


Really impressive, well done!


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