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That’s why I said (officially). There are always workarounds of course. But gladly most of it will be solved very soon, with the precision modeling project. :slightly_smiling_face:

For anyone interested in this project: :point_down:


Main article: Multi-licensing

"Dual licensing offers the software under an open-source license but also under separate proprietary license terms. The proprietary version can be sold to finance the continued development of the free open-source version.[9] Customers can be attracted to a no-cost and open-source edition, then be part of an up-sell to a commercial enterprise edition. Further, customers will learn of open-source software in a company’s portfolio and offerings but generate business in other proprietary products and solutions, including commercial technical support contracts and services. A popular example is Oracle’s MySQL database which is dual-licensed under a commercial proprietary license as also under the GPLv2.[10] Another example is the Sleepycat License. Flask developer Armin Ronacher stated that the AGPLv3 was a “terrible success” as “vehicle for dual commercial licensing” and noted that MongoDB, RethinkDB, OpenERP, SugarCRM as well as WURFL utilizing the license for this purpose.[11] "

"Selling professional services

The financial return of costs on open-source software can also come from selling services, such as training, technical support, or consulting, rather than the software itself.[12][13]

Another possibility is offering open-source software in source code form only, while providing executable binaries to paying customers only, offering the commercial service of compiling and packaging of the software. Also, providing goods like physical installation media (e.g., DVDs) can be a commercial service.

Open-source companies using this business model successfully are for instance RedHat and IBM.[14] "



There are two things in play…One the sofware, which as noted, is open-source.

But you must also appreciate that Blender is not run/controlled by a corporation but rather by a not-for-profit foundation. It’s very bylaws and essence is summed up in this:

The Blender Foundation (2002) is an independent public benefit organization with the purpose to provide a complete, free and open source 3D creation pipeline, managed by public projects on


My friend, this has been discussed in Blender Artists Forum and unlike the new subscription policy from Maxon, the answer was crystal clear for everyone over there.


Don’t forget to check the comments section… :wink:


Well, all I’m saying my friend… is that it’s good to have choices, but it’s good to have a look at the hull of the ship too before one jumps ship, or puts one’s eggs in one basket. There’s been rumors that Pixologics ZBrush 2019 will be the last of the free upgrade versions… far as I’m aware there’s not been any official confirmation of that. 9 years of free updates for myself…

As for Blender, there use to be a C4D template available for the Blender for Artists forked version, so it would be good to see a C4D template for Blender 2.8, but there are still some sticking points. If I want to have a permanent co-ordinates manager located as it is in Cinema 4D so it’s docked as a tab or integrated into the GUI, it’s not going to work because the UI isn’t as powerful. For me the co-ordinates manager is essential to be viewable at all times…Admittedly I do have the HB plugin from that I can dock anywhere and have objects rotated 90*, so I don’t have to enter values manually, but still for moving and resizing stuff it’s pretty much a necessity…

I have some interesting GUI’s I’ve developed in years past which covers 2 displays that are fun to look at and use…although saying that, there was some that were so big and complicated that it pulled down the performance of C4D in the process. lol


I have been taking a look at Blender and liked it a lot initially. I was running through some tutorials to get up and running but ran across something that does not work on the Mac version as far as I can tell. I have followed along precisely and the simple deformer just does not do what it is supposed to do on my Mac. I note that most tutorials are PC based but for the life of me I cant work it out. I will do some more digging but if anyone has it on Mac and could test this for me I’d appreciate it. So make a long rectangular box and subdivide along its longest sides. Then try and bend it with the simple deformer. I just get it fanning out on both machines I have it installed on


Gave this a try on my Mac. The Twist, Taper, and Stretch all work as expected, the Bend does not work no matter what settings I try.


I worked it out. You have to have your object on the x axis otherwise it doesn’t work. I saw this in another post after i tried to find out what I was doing wrong. XYZ axis still freaks me out in Blender.


I’m kinda starting to get comfortable w/it. A little.

I wish there was a global agreement with all 3d companies about what is x,y,z.


Agreed. Hard to get used to. My first spin in Blender I was wondering why Top view is Front View.


If I can’t properly get rid of the 3D cursor properly regardless of the mode it’s in, I can’t see myself using Blender. in the future, it’s friggen infuriating. I just want the UI to behave like C4D… I like to have conscious and deliberate thought processing of what I’m doing, not fly by wire. When I use C4D, I treat it like I’m flying and aeroplane, not sitting in seat of a roller-coaster carriage which Blender 2.8 feels like.


Scott, I don’t think Blender is for you. Doesn’t seem like a match at all. You are likely only to be frustrated. You seem comfortable with C4d 12…or whatever it is…why not stay where you are happy?


Well, it’s annnoyed me for the past 19 years so no change there, I still remember it having rows of grey and green buttons along the lower half of the screen.


Yes Scott…and your keen observations are further proof…you are beyond Maxon…beyond Blender. Beyond all of us.

You seriously need to leave this thread. Now.

Leave. Now.


The business model differs a bit from the traditional business model. It is based at open source. But besides that it’s business. Over 10 paid developers makes a good living from Blender nowadays. So i wouldn’t really say Blender is non profit. The income is just different :wink:

And it’s not all donations. Blender market sells addons. Functionality that will never make it into trunk since Blender gets a part of the income then. Blender Webpage sells merchandising. And you have to pay for the Blender cloud. This all is Blender as a service. Not this far away from the business model of Unity or Unreal for example.

And with the paid addons and training you might also end in the same amount of money that you spend in other dcc apps. The commercializing of Blender has just started.

Even you can add a shortcut if you want to toggle it.


Thanks Scott.

For the reminder of those early days when C4D was the wimpy kid on the block, when dedicated users actually put C4D on the map for Maxon.

It’s very sad to see the ‘pay for ever to use it’ model imposed without regard for that long term support and loyalty. And just for the extra kick in the teeth - virtually giving away the same premium product to those who haven’t paid for the premium Studio level of upgrade/MSA - wow, what an appalling way to treat customers.

Photoshop CS6 still does 100% of what I need a Photo app to do - not paid a penny in subscription since
I expect R20 will be the same

Just downloaded Blender 2.8…off we go again.


Thanks to both
Like tags in c4d and plug-ins from Robert Templeton(Kuroyume’s Development Zone) for C4D


The default shader in Blender works identical to Octane as far as the channels. Nothing new to learn for me. Am exploring the node options.

They both are designed on the Principled BSDF that Disney designed.