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Shift+RMB you can quickly set up 3d cursor.


I have been playing with it and there’s lots to like indeed. It costs nothing so I think it’s an important to take a look even if I go back to cinema


Sweet, thanks.


Feels cheap? It has a modern UV mapping and we don’t. It’s also the fastest to model. It doesn’t care if you are in edge / vertex / poly mode when using ctrl R to do a knife loop cut. It also remember your edge selection after doing the cut. It has a modern painting tool and we still use 10 years old bodypaint, Eevee and Cycles GPU / CPU are miles ahead of C4D viewport and physical /PRORENDER. It can animate 2D, it has a compositor and an editor integrated.

Yeah, such a downgrade, Epic Games decided to throw away one million dollars on it.



I too have been playing around with 2.8 and I’m pretty impressed. It’s a very capable program, the thing that slows me down is that I’m so used to the c4d interface(having used it since it came to the mac (r5 ?)).

My issues are mostly down to navigation etc. I am so used to using 1,2 and 3 for moving the view that I keep hitting them. Also using the Function keys to switch views(especially like in c4d when I hit f5 I see 4 views) - I realise that the num pad does the same sort of thing just muscle memory makes me go for them first.

I’m sure with practice I’ll get used to it. One annoying thing is that when in one of the other views(side front etc) if I try and use the middle mouse button to pan and forget to use shift the view rotates out of that view, I wonder if there is a way of stopping that behaviour.

In an ideal world there would be an exact matching c4d key map(I tried the industry standard one but to be honest I’m not sure I understand exactly what the industry standard keys are(only used c4d)).

Nothing insurmountable if I have the time.



If you go to View > Area > Toggle Quad View, then on the Orthographic views are locked.



thanks for that. I knew there had to be a way.

Now just need to erase muscle memory !




another thing that was annoying me I just found out.

Moving the camera around seemed like a right pain, but if you bring up the right panel(with N) and in the view tab there is lock camera to view option.



I like that Blender somehow has own simulation engine(i used physics and smoke) and export to vdb then open in C4D


Could someone point me to the Cinema 4D forum? I’ve obviously landed in the Blender forum. I kid, I kid.

But seriously…


i’m only one :rofl: showing pipeline :heart_eyes: between c4d and blend :point_up_2:


Yeah, the Official Maxon Forum is … oh wait !


ha! Touché


This ultimately stresses me out about blender. I have permanent hand issues built up over years of mouse work and I need to use a Wacom tablet to prevent them from flaring up again.

C4d works wonderfully with a Wacom tablet. A few years back when I tried to use Blender before the interface overhaul I found the “right click everything” model to be absolutely murder on my fingers using a pen.

Middle mouse stuff is just frustrating to me and makes my crippled hands flare up. I had to leave Maya because of it. I used Maya on SGI machines that all had middle mouse button and no scroll wheel, IIRC, and it wasn’t too bad then, but scroll wheel as middle mouse is awful!


I dont have any issues with my Wacom and Blender, except for Proportional editing, to use the wheel mouse button to increase / decrease influence. For Loop Cuts, I can use the menu to increase number of loop cuts, or you can simply Ctrl R + # number of cuts ( Ctrl R + 2 )

Edit… Blender default keyboard leaves your left hand free to do most shortcuts ( X to delete, G to Grab, R + ctrl to rotate proportionaly ,Tab to edit, A select all, A deselect All, alt + click to select loop, Shift + A to create objects, Ctrl + A to apply transforms, middle drag + Alt to change view like Zbrush, Z to change from wireframe to solid, Alt + Z to xray)


How often do you need to right click, middle mouse, etc? That’s what drives my finger nuts. Using the buttons on the pen to do all of that constantly.

A lot of C4d is left mouse centric (including navigation) except for context menus.


Is your problem both hands or just the mouse hand? Im my opinion, I do less steps in Blender than in C4D, but im not so sure about the number of clicks or right button click, because as it takes me less steps to model, Im spending more time modeling more objects than in C4D.

C4D for me is : spend some time doing random spheres floating around, or random particle stuff.

Edit blender is also left mouse centric to navigate, and in editing mode TAB a menu appear with all the options you need:

View Select Add Mesh Vertex Edge Face UV

Edit # 2… you dont even need to press TAB, you just need to click on Modeling Layout and Blender will click the button for you.


There you go, you can do everything using just left click, and forget about the pain… it will be slower though, but at least you wont be taking painkillers.

edit… Mirror will help you doing half the work for modeling.


That is definitely not the Blender I remember from several years ago. Interesting to see how it has evolved.


A recap of 2.8

there are still bugs unfortunately, the great Flip Fluids addon (paid) can’t still not work with it.

for IceCaveMan:

Edit: with this i end my participation in this topic we are after all in C4D forum and should let it be for that propose.