Blender Tutorials


Yeah, things are not intutive enough in blender, specially for us c4d users.


I’m using the Industry Standard Keymap option… can’t find it…it’s not obvious where that is…

C4D R11.5 doesn’t trigger playhead playback…using the spacebar. that’s only on the External Renderer animation playback section of C4D. I 'm not aware of them ever changing this.


Remember how intuitive c4d’s material system was before Reflectance. A few years ago they destroyed usability in building a simple material …and it’s only seemed to get worse with the proliferation of ProRender and PBR.

Maxon flubs usability up sometimes, though C4d does likely win overall in the industry for ease-of-use.


Trust me…a lot changed in 8 years w/c4d. For at least the last 3 years space-bar has been play/stop in c4d. And After Effects (most famous animation app in the world) uses spacebar.

No it’s not ‘dumb’. But change it if you wish.


Oh, I forgot to mention, those options are only available for the default blender keymap.
In your case you’ll have to do it manually unfortunately.


Does anyone else despise middle-click shortcuts?

My middle mouse button is a wheel and it is quite awkward to click it…to hold it down. I’ve considered getting a different mouse for this reason alone.

Prolly just me.


Don’t forget to add stuff to the quick favorites (Q) guys… very useful. :slight_smile:


I’ll add to that some shortcuts for viewport navigation on the Numeric Keypad.

5 - To switch from perspective mode to orthographic
4-6 / 2-8 - to rotate the camera left-right, bottom-top in orthographicmode
7 - Top view
9 - Back orthographic
1 - Front orthographic
3 - Right orthographic

And to get the opposite view just press CTRL + the relative numeric keypad
CTRL + 7 Bottom View

Dot on the numeric keypad to zoom to the selected object.

    • to zoom in/out
      0 to switch to camera view
      / to solo the object (in Blender 3D language it’s called Local View)


Spacebar play/stop is how most video editing, video players work.


I can’t help whenever I’m using Blender that it feels cheap…not for the monetary reason of that of being free, but that of being sub-par when having paid a few thousand for actual commercial software in years past… It’s like lowering oneself… you you know what I mean…


Just spent the last few days learning Blender keymapping. Switching to Industry Compatible feels like starting over. LOL.

Are most tutorials using the Blender mapping? Is it worth it to learn it?


Hard to answer a question like that without knowing what you need it for.
In my case, it’s been worth it as far as modeling goes. When I need to model something more elaborate than what I can easily achieve in C4D with mograph, then I use Blender.
But now, with the Volumes, I end up using it less than before.
If it was strictly for the industry I work for (motion graphics) there would be absolutely no reason to learn it: no one is using it, and even the idea of using it for remote jobs where I could potentially decide what software to use, I couldn’t do motion graphics with it.

That said, I see a great potential for a short animation piece, where the focus could be aesthetical more than mograph. Cycles produce nice renders, Blender itself has a lot to offer in terms of workflow (node editor, compositing, good uv tools, look dev…).
For that reason, I would personally consider it.

Something I find quite messy is the community. As with many other open source projects, there are many great ideas which more often than not, end up abandoned or not finished. Or the fragmentation of all the ad-dons and scripts as there’s no central hub and to find or keep track of things you have to go to a blog, or a thread on their forum or maybe github and so on.

Just my 2 c.


The Blender interface is absolutely crisp at any zoom level. The real-time Eevee rendering is so fast you can leave it on all the time…and work with it in the interface.

Feels elegant to me. Not cheap.

Certainly since it is designed by multiple people around the world it’s not going to always be consistent and there are some ways in which it is kludgy.

So far it’s been stable, usable, fast, modern and elegant.

How long would it take to get a standard or physical render that looks like this? In Blender this is what you get in the viewport, realtime.


I was delighted to see the resolution scale option and how neat it looked on my UHD monitor, where other programs don’t shine as much.

That theme in the screenshot you posted though :flushed:
It looks so 2.7… but hey, the beauty of customization :slight_smile:


It is simple, but it is neat. And it is nice to model/add things with lights on so to speak , it feels modern :slight_smile:


Hey Ice, I know exactly what you mean! :slight_smile:

Since ages I use only Logitech mouse with a wheel that can be bend left and right for further functions. In the driver software I change the function of the left/right bend to “middle mouse click” . So I don’t have to PRESS the wheel, but just lean my finger against the wheel für a middle mouse click. This is SO easy, try it!

And a side note regarding your beautiful screen shot: Did you found the “Principled BSDF” shader? One shader for metallic and dielectric materials.


The screen grab above was not my own work. Just an example (now a year old) of Eevee in action. I’m only 6 days into using Blender. Haven’t explored the shaders much yet…just default one with colors and textures.

Thanks for the idea on configuring the side nudge - I’m a Logitech mouse guy here too.


I was referring to learning Blender with Blender keyboard shortcuts vs Blender with Industry Compatible keyboard shortcuts. Not is it worth it to learn Blender.


Blender is sex. Blender is porn.

Just saying. You’ll see in time, if you get too close.

Save your soul…Run away!


True, but I’m stuck already :smiley:

I changed the keymaps for Move, Scale and Rotation to (E,R,T)
3D cursor L
Enable Snap P
Added to Quick Favorites “Origin to 3D cursor”

With this changes I can now in a little more comfortable way change the object origin.