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This guy has cool stuff on his channel


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Several years ago I grew tired of the development speed of C4D and began learning Houdini with a view to moving my 3D workflow over. I completely overlooked Blender, I had dabbled in the past and couldn’t get past the right click and every where I clicked I ended up dragging out new windows, I actually found it more impenetrable than Houdini…

Anyway, I had a large and long project I needed rendering for an installation so I decided to try Eevee as even Redshift would’ve been too slow and too costly for a cloud render. It was some time into the mid development of 2.8 so Blender felt better than it had ever done before (to a non-blender acolyte) and I just found it perfect for the job, it was a revelation.

I wish I’d listened to Hvanderwegen on the Cafe but I dismissed Blender through complete ignorance, it’s free right? Over the course of the last year I’ve since discovered a completely different application to what I thought it was. With Animation Nodes, Sverchock Nodes and Sorcar Nodes I’ve found an unbelievably powerful tool that has been sitting in plain sight all this time. If I knew what I know now I would not have gone down the route of learning Houdini nor eventually buying HoudiniFX, I use at best 20% of the functionality. Blender + a few addons really is that good!

Here’s an excellent YT Channel, /albin3010 *forum won’t allow me to link these YT channels…

I owe Jimmy Gunawan big time as his channel has taught me that there’s no limits to the possibilities of AN and a sadly untapped resource for many mograph artists.

Here’s his channel, /enzym

When the Function Nodes (aka Everything Nodes) project is completed any software that’s still selling a 10 year old single threaded nodal system for premium prices will be up against a Free piece of software that is the natural successor to Softimage XSI.

Now is a really great time to learn Blender as the roadmap looks incredible over the next few years. Function nodes starting with a new nodal particle engine, a new NPR renderer LANPR, Animation 2020, new cloth engine, USD and OpenVDB etc etc. Oh yeah, they’re working on the not so great Outliner too!!!


Why not post to Blender forum, this is cinema 4d area.
I need Blender is to use free models from blendswap so I can export them to Cinema 4D to work with.
Blender user experience is so tedious.


With all due respect I posted in a thread titled Blender Tutorials you appear to have clicked on the same thread expecting different content. You’ll notice I didn’t create a new thread and force my opinion on the general forum readership. You didn’t need to click on the thread.

I posted my experience as an over 10 year user of C4D, 3 year user of Houdini regarding Blender to those who might be blend-curious not those who are happy with C4D.

If you’re happy with the pay more get less go nowhere fast development of C4D that’s entirely your prerogative others may have different reasons to look elsewhere. If they’re looking for a more powerful application or a cheaper application then I wholeheartedly believe Blender is for them and they should take a look.

I’ll tell you what tedious is, it’s navigating a viewport at 1fps because the developers can’t sort out the object management any time soon.


Thanks for the information. Those channels look great!


This is something I spotted a while ago and I was impressed by what I saw. I think it’s a great example of the quality achievable with Blender:

As for the “post in the Blender forum” comments, it’s been said repeated times here that this thread is for C4D people who want or are considering switching to Blender.

On top of that, I find those comments rather close-minded as a C4D user myself I always look at what other DCC can offer for more than one reason. I can learn a new way to do things (nowadays tutorials are often cross-compatible as the principles are pretty much the same - i.e. Principled BSDF shader in Blender, easy to follow as I use Redshift and the terminology and basics are similar).
Lastly, seeing how to approach problems with other software gives me a perspective of what is missing or what can be improved in C4D. And since C4D is my main 3d software I want Maxon to keep improving it. Eevee is a good example of what Maxon could add.


Easy, Maxon just needs to buy U-Render.


Why would Maxon buy U-Render when they’ve just bought Redshift?

Redshift v3.0 will eventually ship with Redshift RT rendering mode an Eevee/Unreal Engine like version of Redshift which uses DXR Ray Tracing.

I’ve been using Redshift for a couple of years on Houdini and C4D and I’m looking forward to it coming to Blender. Redshift Devs post Siggraph update said good progress is being made on the Blender plugin and we should start seeing demos later this year.

Here’s the paragraph from the Redshift Devs.


We’re making progress with Blender. Lots of things are already working, like all the render options, nearly all Redshift shaders, almost all the lights, etc. And we’ve added some C++ (versus Python) code for some parts of the code that needed high performance.

A couple of very important things missing currently are: 1) Solid IPR performance and 2) The RenderView. We need at least the former before we can start releasing an alpha to a few users and find any bugs/inefficiencies. I’ll ask our Blender developer to make some screenshots soon so we can start “teasing” and use this as an excuse to start answering Blender-related questions - separately from this thread, that is! smile Once IPR is in a better place, we’ll look at releasing the first “alphas”.

This is one of those things we haven’t been teasing a lot which has made some people thing we haven’t made ANY progress on. We think (and hope!) they’ll be pleasantly surprised.


I find it strange that I have a conflict in using a Node system for colour and material system, in that it’s slower and more complicated for the speed of which it’s required for artistic purposes, however I’ve been use to building incredibly complex node constructed synthesizer instruments right inside Native Instruments Reaktor 5 / 6 program for years. With having been use to Cinema 4D’s material creation system which is more of a layer based approach combo with property activations, the move to dive into that side in Blender and that of the less than intuitive and convoluted menu system of the GUI, really makes me feel cold and distant from it from like very far away. As much as Blender 2.8 is meant to look friendly, underneath… it really doesn’t seem to be…


It isn’t much different from Redshift, Octane or even the new material system in C4D.
And actually, if you have the node wrangler installed, is rather fast.
As usual, it’s a matter of time. I think the first version of Blender I started seriously using was 2.37 or .39. The interface looked like a nightmare. After a few weeks of tutorials it just clicked and it felt simpler than I thought. Same happened with ZBrush.


I was almost instantly at home w/Blender nodes. I find it very similar to the more recent versions of Octane. Channels are virtually identical.

The only thing I wish was different is being able to easily see material assignments (as w/C4d tags). And I wish you could just click a connector and delete it.



Not quite sure to understand: I guess you don’t mean CTRL+right click/drag?


“I guess you don’t mean CTRL+right click/drag?”

Yes…just another modifier key to remember, when there isn’t a need.


I wish they would have went with something more consistent like K. After all, it triggers the knife tool, it would be easier to remember.




That “Lazy Tutorials” guy is funny as hell. And he challenges you to think creatively on how to make your workflow easier.


Saw this. Haha.


I read Kent Barber twit about node editor for C4D. Yes, it will be hard work. Kent will get Patreon’s support page, if you need node editor - support him.

And Blender has several solutions Sverchok, Animation nodes…
Sverchok is cad-orient solution, closer to Rhino’s Grasshopper