Blender Tutorials


Sweet. To be clear that’s currently in a separate Blender Fork. Sure would be nice to see the guy be able to join the formal Blender team.


Good point. Hopefully, it will be merged. It looks promising.


The voxel remesh came from that branch…
Things are being merged bit by bit…


He is already working full time for the blender foundation.


They remove it from current - blender-2.81-5d72ceb8d806-win64 ((August 15, 19:05:01 - b5fe838d4408))
(i read that crashes a lot)

Only if windows -
or build yourself


No, the voxel remesh is there.


You’re at MacOS, Linux or Windows builds?

I’m using windows build (August 15, 19:05:01 - b5fe838d4408), nope, no voxel

old 2.80 beta at graphicall/Tdbbbc has it


It’s from the link @TheRedWaxPolice posted


@spireil Like I said here:

The modifier version is not in the daily builds yet, just the voxel remesher “operator”.

And yes, the modifier is available in the sculpt branch only, for now…


“Parametric objects” addon


I like sv nodes in blender. Why does c4d simpler? I will try to repeat such setup in c4d, by xpresso and python


Scott, I saw this in my YT recommendations and thought of you.

EEvee Sci-fi Volumetric lighting in real time.


Thanks, I’ll take a look later,… I did have a watch of your previous one you posted, which gave me some idea’s. Funny enough, the star cruiser ship I made and shown in the Tron-esk film in that I made in ZBrush and Cinema 4D, is one that I have imported and had a play around with in Blender 2.8 a few days back. It was made way back in March of last year… I do know that there was a scene made available to check out eevee with… so not sure if you video relates to that yet… Creating planets and intergalactic colonies using the techniques and models I’ve created is one of my plans for the next year I think… last night I followed that guys video on making the tornado in Blender 2.8… I remember that I had attempted to create a twister in Cinema 4D after watching Dr Strange in the local cinema a few years back. Blender seems far easier and more powerful in that regard, although my method was pretty different I think but I did use particles.


This is really neat

with a demo in EEVE


Maybe not a tutorial, but still interesting.


Some of the improvements in the outliner (shift click to select all items in between, proper box selection without pressing B etc…) are already available in the daily builds.



Finally. It should have also buttons to hide or show objects by type, for example show only lights.


You mean…like this? Already in 2.8.



Yeah, but is the drop down menu disease which implies 100% or doubling the clicks. It should be all in view.

Inverting should also be possible: show only this vs show everything but this. So you click in lights then click in invert button.


The spaceship is from an Eevee demo scene that can be downloaded from the site but the video is about rendering with volumetric fog which would add a lot of atmosphere to your sci-fi work. It also cuts the draw distance down so you can throw in more basic building objects in the background to fill out the set which will cheaply increase your production value.

If you’re modelling space colonies I’d seriously have a look at the Sverchok node addon as it is designed for procedural modelling for architecture. I’d give it a try, you’ve literally nothing to lose.

In so many ways Blender is way ahead of C4D R20 and especially R11.5 but if you were only to take advantage of the speed of Eevee in rendering it would be a big win for your productivity.