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Like a lot of you, I have an aversion to software that I can’t own, that stops working if I don’t continue to pay. The hammer has dropped so I downloaded Blender 2.8.
Does anyone have recommendations for Blender tutorials? I’ve googled and found a lot, of course, but I’d like to know if someone has gone through a series and felt it was well produced, clear, etc.
Thanks in advance.


Grant Abbitt

Blender Guru



Here is a list of “Paid” blender courses with cool end results:


For starters there’s this playlist…


Thanks for those replies. Real helpful
Downloaded it and started playing around. Not nearly as cumbersome as I remember it a few years ago.
I guess this is what’s next for me.

#6 is the site i use to keep tracking what is going on in Blender world.
Btw it is something that C4D misses, only there are twitter hashtags…


and if you need extra help, the community is always there for you, i definitelly recommend these places: - this is a bunch of different things, mostly community driven news, builds with some subset of features that are on testing, you can also do some “feature requests” and so on. - you can find different chatrooms related to different areas of blender, also you can create your own and private if you need to say you want to bring in some specific people

On twitter if you go #b3d and have a question its usually answered pretty promptly, im talking about minutes.

Always reach out!, we’re here to help


Out of curiosity I watched the hard surface modeling teaser. Not sure that Boolean is the best approach to clean hard surface…


It very much depends on the quality and technology of your booleans… After all CAD/surface modellers (Moi, sketchup, rhino etc…) work a lot with booleans and it’s perfect, because it’s meant for that.

Same with Zbrush.

And from the demos I saw, box cutter an hard ops addons for blender look VERY good at it.


Thanks everyone! The Cliff Tower course looks really interesting! Also, based on trainings I’ve reviewed, sculpting in Blender appears to be very powerful, too.

If you want to support Blender development while also accessing training, models, rigged characters, textures, etc., check out Blender Cloud (


Yeah, it’s not so bad. The performance is the big issue there (still better than c4d’s tho). Also there are some serious bugs in the multi resolution modifier.


The viewport overview in this video was amazing to watch (minute 3:53):


Seriously that a Blender thread could be near the top of the latest talking points in a C4D forum says it all really doesn’t it.


Sorry for the OT, but I promise I’ll stay in the Blender territory.
I’ve been using it for about 10 years and I’ve been a C4D user for about 20.
With Blender I had no shortcut and I had to learn how to proper do modelling, as there was no procedural or mograph tools to help me out in that sense.
I kept using it for modelling as I’m so used to it now that I find it fast and it feels natural.
I didn’t adopt 2.8 at the beta stage as I lost track of what they were doing with EEVE and Cycles and the new UI.
Now I’m catching up and I love the job they did.

The introduction to make it clear that I use and love both C4D & Blender and my comment here is not meant to diminish or favor either one of them.
Just wanted to post about one-big-caveat: watch out for that nasty UNDO bug. I didn’t experience it before with the previous versions, but with the 2.8 makes Blender almost unusable.
Any UNDO freezes the software for some seconds.
I really hope they figure this out.

Some more info here

I haven’t found the undo system in current builds of 2.8 unstable, but it is slow and this can be traced back to global undo’s roots as a hack back during 2.35’s development.

Based on what I read from Beerbaron, the 2.35 global undo was a quick hack that simply made a version of the .blend file that was then stored in memory, when you undid something, the file loads and replaces what you had before.

In a way, it was not implemented properly (which led to major issues when new things like sculpting was added) and work to improve on it and to redesign it was not seen until late in 2.7x when single-stack undo was introduced. The single stack undo is designed to introduce a system that is capable of something much better than before, but the devs. don’t see it as a clear priority for 2.80 (so it might not see commits building on it until 2.81 at the earliest).

To conclude, Blender for a long time has not been “that 3D app. that doesn’t even have undo”, but it’s only recently moving from perhaps having one of the worst undo systems you will find in modern computer software.


Zero issue here. I’ve easily done UNDO five hundred times already. Use it a lot as I’m testing things out in my learning. Not once a crash. Not once has UNDO been anything other than instant.

I notice the thread you reference is from the early beta days.

I googled and couldn’t find a single user having a problem with UNDO in the past few months (when in final candidate stage and final release.)

I’ve yet to crash or notice any bugs in 3 days of use. Early days…but feeling good.


Little doubt there are some things c4d does better than Blender. No doubt at all.

But already I can see where one can be a little road-runner as you get the shortcuts down. They are logical and elegant.

Grease Pencil is something unique and compelling. c4d has nothing like it at all. Going through videos about it at cloud.blender. You want to talk motion graphics, do you? He-he.


Booleans will always have limitations.

But it seems pretty obvious that the Blender world has a more thoughtful and usable approach to integrating them into your workflow.



You want to know what social media cares about? It’s not c4d. They care about Blender. Damn, these Blender videos get tens of thousands…hundreds of thousands of hits.


The undo problem is most noticeable on big scenes.

Another big issue is the performance in edit mode. Try to move a point of a 300k mesh and see what happens.


You keep posting results from beta testing days. I’ve schooled previous posters on this. Don’t try again. You’ll get your hand stung with my ruler.

I google…and I’m savagely good with searches…and I see no complaints. Not one from the months when 2.8 was in RC and final stages.

You fail. Insert coin, try again.