Blender on a laptop?


I am planning on buying a powerbook. mainly to model with wings on the go.

How does blender run on a laptop? , are there any problems with Ati graphic cards?

Also do blender import Obj files? , it’ll be nice if I can import my wings models to do some test renders.



Many peopple use it on laptops… (that is very commond excuse for ‘the pict may seem too dark for desktop users, I made it on my laptop’) but about the Ati card I have no info. I guess it runs fine, never seen a complain.

Blender even runs on a Compaq i-pad (right spelling?)

Out of the box, blender can import and export to VRML 2.0, DXF and some obscure file format for the Amiga called VideoScape.

Now, there are many (and I do mean many) import/export plug-ins for different file formats, OBJ included.

is just an example, this scrip writes/read to 7 diferent file formats (including OBJ)

Is an import scrip from LWO, OBJ and 3DS.

Just search the web, you should find a lot more.

  • I heard that one of the guys ho made a OBJ import/export scrip is working on including the same funtionality into Blender itselft, now that it is Open Source.



ATI has had some problem with OpenGL in it’s drivers in the past.
Since blender uses extensivly OGl this mas an issue. The newest drivers may solve this. I have a friend who runs blender perfectly on a radeon 8XXX. If you want i can ask him for his driver version.

And a lot of people use blender on laptops.

But first of all, since there has been some aleas in blender’s developpement, we need to know which version you’re using. the latest is 2.26 but some things in it are broken (like the game engine and part of it’s python API I think) due to major reconstruction, so you’d better stick with 2.23 and move on to 2.27 when it comes out.

For IO, you’ll need a correct installation of python on your machine.

get python here:
I think 2.22 will work, but i still run on version 2.01… all plugins work fine with it.
You just need to declare a python path in your enviroment variables (or in your autoexec.bat on win9X)

something similar to this:

PYTHONPATH = c:\python;c:\python\dlls;c:\python\lib;c:\python\libs;c:\python\include;c:\python	cl

There is a full range of import export scripts, that even import NDO with UV maps and all you need… let me find this for you…

okay, found these here:

though the version here doesn’t support UVmapping, i’m quite sure there’s one that does that.

Here’s one that imports/exports wavefront’s obj:
You’ll need it to export from blender to wings.

Here’s a list that compiles the most useful scripts.
Script list effort (06/03/03)

Finally you can also use VRML to export from wings to blender. Blender loads them perfectly well, just make sure to “tessalate>>quadrangulate” your object before storing.:

Wings3d -> Blender-2.25 with UV HOWTO

Enjoy, and do not hesitate to ask!

PS to run a script you must do ALT+P over the text window… yep, there’s a huge effort being done on making the interface explicit… each day you find out a function you didn’t suspect! amazing!)


I’ve got an older ATI Rag128 All-In-Wonder on my old working machine I used to do a lot of Blender stuff with it.
The only odd thing I experienced was a trail left by the shadow of the mouse under Win2000. The shadow somehow corrupts the GUI of Blender. So I turned this fancy stuff off and everything worked fine :shrug:


read about graphics card for Blender here:


Here is info about running Blender on Lap Tops… says PowerBook runs flawlessly


Originally posted by dani
I think 2.22 will work, but i still run on version 2.01… all plugins work fine with it.

dani, 2.01? :surprised

In case you don’t know it (wich I doubt) the character animation system was changed for a totally new on on 2.20 and gone trough some serious refinement on 2.25 & 2.26

Seems to be a concensus that 2.23 is the more stable and fastest release so far. The best thing is that you can have all versions of Blender installed at the same time on your machine, as long as they are in different directorys.

(NEVER press Render on different stances of Blender running at the same time, your machine may freeze.)


Originally posted by Apollux
dani, 2.01? :surprised

he’s talking about the Python version, not Blender :stuck_out_tongue:



Ooops :blush:


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