Blender New Book



If you have received the 2.32 Guide… can you tell me if it’s that bad…?
I’m talking about the pictures in it and text.



The text is perfectly fine, a lot of the images are rather ropey. That said you can make them out enough to follow the tutes, and it is a great resource.


Besides, all images should be on the cd, so put it in and see them in all their glory.


Thanks guys.


buy it and help the foundation!!!
blender come for free.the book sells at 39…
the maya 5 book sells at 90!!! thats only for the book!!

besides it,s allways good to have a printed guide somewhere handy…


I ordered the Guide weeks ago and wainting for it.


I just got mine today, and no it isn’t that bad. In fact it is great. You might have to take a closer look at a few images but that is a small price to pay for such an amazing compilation of blender knowledge.:slight_smile:


I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my copy.


Still waiting…


Me too…!


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