Blender live action renderer


Hey, does anybody have any suggestions for renderers to use with blender for live action integration and vfx? I don’t have the budget for Maxwell or vray, but iv’e heard some good things about Octane. Would that be suitable for my needs?


IMO, sticking with Cycles is your best bet if Vray is out. You’ll need to render shadow catchers as a separate pass with BI, but otherwise Cycles gets the job done pretty well. Octane requires an Nvidia card, so it has the same limitations as Cycles’ GPU mode.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Hi mantastico, I am Octane and Octane addon user.
It depends on your needs, for hard light situations, caustics, gemstones and so forth Cycles has not suitable render algorithm atm…
Octane is now full integrated in Blender with the Bender to Octane addon but you have to spend 199€ for render engine and 99€ for the addon (during Beta).
If you don´t need engine for such situations you can live with Cycles very good.

Cheers, mib.


I did see the plugin on otoy’s website. I’m looking to use a renderer for integration with live action footage so I’ll be using hdri environment maps for the lighting. I’m just looking for something that can be easily integrated. I do know that octane can use hdri images and it does have a shadow catching feature.


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