Blender Liquids into EIAS shortcut basic steps


Tired of importing one OBJ at a time from a liquid sim in blender?

now you can import them all at once:

Using Blender 2.48

  1. Export liquid as separate sequence of OBJ files into a separate folder

  2. Start new blend file and name it ‘bucket’ or cup or whatever. It’s entire purpose is to hold the liquid sim’s sequence of OBJ files.

  3. Batch import all OBJ’s by shift clicking Import/ Wavefront (.obj) from the file menu in the user pref’s window.
    Now each OBJ files is a separate scene in the outliner window

  4. Save this file and open another new blender file.

  5. Go to the file menu and click on ‘append or link’. Choose the blend file ‘bucket’ or whatever you named it.

  6. You’ll see a list of subdirectories, choose the object sub directory.

  7. Highlight the model files you want and click ‘load library’. Now you have all the OBJs in one scene.

  8. Click on File/Export/ Autodesk FBX

  9. Click the Scene Objects button. DO NOT click the enable batch button. Choose what other options you need and hit export.

  10. Import the FBX file into EIAS as normal and then do the child cycling.

EDIT: I don’t think I explained this well enough, but you end up with one single FBX file to import into EIAS that contains all the separate model files already in it. Instead of having to import the hundreds or thousands of fact files after you convert them with OBJ2Fac. The process in blender sounds like a lot, but it literally takes like 20 seconds once you know where the commands are and what to do. It took me 4 hours to figure out the first time, but I learned so many things by accident trying to figure it out that I don’t think of it as wasted time.

  1. Import the FBX file into EIAS as normal and then do the child cycling.

Great post Monday. Good info. It’s good and understandable.

This is how I did cloth from Maya in EI.

Batch import of Objs use to be automatic in EI. This is one of those small workflow things that can make a world of difference.



Ian said batch import has been brought back in V8…that would obviously make things easier assuming it translates the files correctly. if not, the fbx route is still viable…


Yeah I meant to check that (batch import) not sure where it is.


I don’t think EIAS has ever had range import (at least not since version 3). However, at last, now we do :slight_smile:



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