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the link you posted for Blender Cycles Hardware FAQs seems to
be broken or invalid, i.e. “404 Not found”. =(

Can you please check and re-post?



If you want pdf tutorials, then visit my blog:

In Vietnamese? Sorry, I don’t see your Blender PDF tuts. (?)


Sorry…please disregard my previous 2 posts…just realized they refer to old posts
by Demohero (Feb 2011), and Olesk (Feb 2013)!


Hi, Here is the shortcut layout I have made.

You can download PDF here.


I’d like to share Addon for Blender I wrote. Script generates a weld along the edge of intersection of two objects.
Hope you like it.


All Blender pdf and Video tutorials


3d mandelbrot for beginners:



I came up with this addon while working on my recent project.

“Export to FBX” button allows to export models to FBX with proper transformation and preserved smoothing groups. It also sets the pivot on the lowest vertex and provides the possibility to export as one file or multiple files.

“Convert map only” button converts Roughness map to Smoothness as Base Color or Metallic alpha channel.
“Export unitypackage” allows to export model with textures (converted roughness to smoothness as alpha) to single *.unitypackage file


  • To properly export Unity Package file you have to use Blender in version 2.79 and Principled BSDF shader. You will get best results with textures connected directly to Prinsipled BSDF node (without rgb curves, color ramp etc., normal map is an exception). The addon searches for maps connected into following inputs: Base Color, Metallic, Roughness, Normal
  • Converting Roughness to Smoothness requiers a lot of calculations and it’s a time consuming task (approximately 30 seconds for 4k texture) so don’t worry if Blender will look like it stuck.

Addon can be downloaded here:


Domino effect - only 10 lines of Python:


BlenderKit - free materials and brushes database + subscription based models database and marketplace:


3D Computer Graphics Using Blender 2.80 - Modelling Methods, Principles & Practice

The Book contains:
Chapters: 14
Pages: 456
Images: 841

A breakdown of each chapters content can be found at:

Modelling a 608 Bearing

This is an update for 2.80 of the original 608 bearing tutorial from 2007 first written for Blender 2.4


Anime Style Environment in blender