Blender Fork Bforartists Version 0.9.4 released


Bforartists is a fork of the popluar open source 3d software Blender. With the goal to deliver a better graphical UI and a better usability.

Bforartists 0.9.4 is ready. Currently there are just the Windows binaries available. But Linux and Mac builds should follow shortly. You can grab it in the download section:

The new version brings all the goodies from Blender 2.79. Like Denoiser, PBR Shader, Shadow Catcher, Flimic Color Management, etc. . Please have a look at the Blender 2.79 release note at the Blender page for the new features. Important is the compatibility note. Blender 2.79 is not fully backwards compatible to earlier version anymore. And this affects of course Bforartists 0.9.4 too.

The changes in Bforartists itself since the last version sums up to over 100 changes again, but are each rather small. The last weeks and months were in big parts spent at documentation and tutorials. Unbelievable how time consuming this chapter is. That’s why Bforartists 0.9.3 brings mainly fixes and some small changes and cleanup operations. And we had some inconsistencies in the hotkeys again. F2 to call the console is removed since it conflicts with Linux build. The Properties sidebars now all opens with Ctrl T, not longer with N. And we have readded the hotkey to Loopcut and Slide, since it is a fundamental modeling tool, and often used.

For the changes please have a look at the Bforartists 0.9.3 release note. Version 0.9.4 was an emergency release because of a showstopper, and fixes just one bug. The release notes can be found here:

There is also a quickstart tutorial series available to get you started:


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Thanks a lot Reiner. Will take the new version for a spin when I have some time.

Do you have any plans to port Eevee to Bforartists? (Yes, I know that that’s Blender 2.8, and 2.8 isn’t officially released yet)

Keep up the good work! Your well structured manuals alone should make a lot of people’s lives easier.


Hi skeebertus,

We have no plans to stop the development. And this includes to merge the Blender features into Bforartists. So the answer is, sure we will port. How has to be seen when the Blender developers merges the Eevee branch into the master.

Kind regards



I’m loving this release. Keep up the good work!


We will do =)


Very nice so far.

One suggestion - don’t make Bforartists start in that isometric view.

Almost nobody works in isometric view, and for someone who doesn’t know the BForartists UI at all, it may take ages to figure out from where precisely in the UI to switch the viewport to a normal perspective view.

I would start the viewport in perspective view by default like most 3D softs do.

Great release otherwise.

I can’t wait to see Eevee in Bforartists. I’ll probably be using it a lot. =)


Hi skeebertus,

Thanks for the suggestion. But we will keep it that way. I know that it looks a bit irritiating at the beginning when you come from Blender. But this is based at my own experience. The first thing that i always did when modeling was to hit numpad 5 to go to orthographic view. Since judging proportions in perspectivic view is harder. It distorts.

You can easily switch back to perspectivic by Numpad 5 when you prefer to. Or by the Perspectivic/Ortho button in the header. Which is directly located besides the Align View buttons. So it’s no big deal really. But saves me personally lots of key pressings.

You can always switch to perspectivic view, and save the startup file. Then Bforartists starts in perspectivic view :slight_smile:

Kind regards



Merging the 2.79 features into Bforartists didn’t work as flawless as expected. We had fixed a showstopper regression with 0.9.4 already. Now we stumbled across even more. Which made a quick version 0.9.5 necessary. Some important Cycles settings were missing. We hope that this was it in terms of merge regressions. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The release note is again rather small with its 10 fixes. It can be found here:

The download is as usual located in the downloads section. The Mac build is currently missing, but is at its way.