Blender for Mac


Now I am using a Mac machine in my office and I love to use Maya preference for Blender. The truth is I am using Mac machine first time and all these years I have been using windows machine. How it will work with Mac keyboard and mouse? Or should I use a windows keyboard and mouse? If so how it will work? Will it be good? Expecting opinions from experts.



Blender works just as well with any keyboard or mouse. If you don’t want to use the middle mouse for navigation enable ‘emulate 3 button mouse’ in user preferences. Alt+LMB would be the equivalent to MMB. I use it this way even with a mouse with MMB


thank you so much, friend. But may I ask one thing? Will it work if I use a windows keyboard and mouse to work in blender? Because I wish to use Maya preferences as I have been working in Maya for the past 8 years.


Any 3 button mouse will work on a mac. As for the keyboard - get used to it. Simple as that.


Thank you all for the responses. May be I will work with a windows keyboard and mouse for blender in Mac. Its tough to learn Mac keyboard short cuts as I am pretty much used to with windows short cuts.


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