Blender export full blender scene and materials to maya addon does it exist


“blender export full blender scene and materials to maya addon does it exist”

can see maya users going into meltdown me saying this,

but lets face it
they’ve done it for

unreal, substance, zbrush, why because they had to or lose trade to adobe and unreal.

so quick live link needed for blender.

even ilm and other big vfx companies are starting to ask for blender software
alongside maya. in their job ads. at concept and modelling level.
blenders really starting to kick arse anyway.

fbx sort of does it but seems to rename with fbx numbers not sure why
, good if there was a cycles convert shader
to say arnold.

or would a blender “usd” solve this.

found this on blender site its usd variant,

though no access to a “usd” maya so not sure if usd better than fbx so cant test it.
i see 3d models, instancing and material sets, lighting being the key areas.
particles and vdb if possible.

if achieved it opens up maya to a whole non autodesk community, outside of vfx movie companies.
who maybe cannot get work as maya artists in those companies, yet could themselves provide the
look and 3d models for the whole movie or game.

let maya piece the animation together, houdini vfx,zbr hirez sculpt, substance mari texture
blender concept and model the rest. is it crazy maybe less than you think.

gives the unspoken a voice

thx c


USD in combo with materialX should do it.
Thats the core idea behind USD. Your scene does not live in a DCC ap its does live on your harddrive as USD.
And it does get feed from different sources like Maya or Houdini. Blender is not able to feed a live USD Stage for now.

Or the new Standard Surface Shader.
Blender needs to support it. Its new in the FBX SDK.