Blender Camera into EIAS basic steps


Hey everyone. So here’s more results from further Blender/EIAS compatibility testing.

Since particles aren’t really easy to transfer from one package to the other(and as far as I know now, which really isn’t that far, soft body physics are impossible to transfer to EIAS), I figured it would be easier to figure out how to render in Blender (rhyme semi-intended) and then render non-particle elements in EIAS. I just needed to make sure there weren’t any snags that are show-stoppers.

so here are the steps.

Set-up scene in Blender with camera movements.

export as FBX with 90 deg rotation X button enabled. (or disabled, had some interesting results either way)

import into EIAS as FBX

move the EIAS camera to the same position and rotation as the Blender camera

Parent the EIAS camera to the Blender camera. (make sure and keep the blender camera’s visibility checked on or it won’t pass along animation to the EIAS camera correctly…I think…seemed to have had that problem before with parented objects)

Here’s the only real snags:

24mm focal length for the blender camera is equal to about 21.3 for the EIAS camera. So render out a low quality movie from blender with enough objects to make sure everything is lined up in EIAS. Then add the movie as a rotoscope background to the EIAS camera. then put the shading mode to wireframe in the camera view window and adjust the focal length until they line up.

I have just worked on a project that required some camera movement where the camera rolled more than 90 degrees. For reasons I have yet to discover this doesn’t transfer correctly to EIAS…any ideas what that is?

My question now is, what are the best practices for moving EIAS camera/ object animation into Blender? anyone care to share their experiences? Or am I gonna do all the talking here?


Thank you Monday for this information.


No problem, as I have more time to explore Blender, I’ll be putting more of these up…


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