Blender and exported .obj files exceeding 2GB even after decimation & limited dissolv


First of all, I am not all that professional working with blender, which made me very proud, that I was able to come up with a complex model which is supposed to be used for a 3D crystal engraving business. Naturally, as I am not a pro, I most likely used a lot of walk arounds and have probably used design methods, any pro would have done simpler, easier and more effective. But for me, optically I am happy with it.

It is a very complex and detailed model of a village in Austria and so far it looks good but it just got to large. The blender file is about 920MB with compressed storage while the exported .obj file is 2.4GB and all that without any During the process I have decimated the model to the limits and also applied various limited dissolve operations as well as I have resized it.

My question would be, what else can I do to get this model smaller in size and ist it normal for complex models like this to blow up to that point? The point cloud conversion software rejects it most likely because of the size.

The attached pic of the model is some 2 weeks old and by now there is more details like trees, boats etc in the model. The pic was taken before I applied the decimate modifier and limited dissolve.

Tnx a lot in advance for your help.


It would be more helpful to see the wireframe, but I think it is probably the mountains. they look more detailed than may be necessary, and it looks like the area with the water is also part of the same dense mountain mesh. What’s the number of triangles in your scene? It should say in top right when you’re in object mode.