Blender 2.81 released!


After only three months following the last 2.8 release, 2.81 is released.

The list of new features and improvements is too long to repeat here, but some highlights:

  • complete overhaul of the sculpting workflow, new sculpt tools and masking tools
  • greatly improved outliner usability
  • Cycles: preview passes in the viewport, and various new nodes (noise generators, math & vector math, etc.)
  • Eevee (the realtime GPU renderer) received major optimizations and new features, such as soft shadows, and much better visual matching with Cycles
  • Nvidia RTX support (up to 50%-100% faster GPU rendering in Cycles)
  • Intel Open Image denoising
  • new remeshing: OpenDVB and QuadriFlow
  • Grease Pencil 2d drawing: new brushes, convert curves to GP, isometric guides
  • range of new transform and snapping options, including mirror any axis anywhere for mesh editing and vertex/weight paint modes. Finally it is possible to move origins directly!
  • overhauled Poly Build tool for retopology tasks
  • thousands of bugs squashed

There is much more. An exhaustive list and video demos here: