Blender 2.8 has BEEN RELEASED! :)


The current version should be Ubuntu compatible. It compiled fine here the last time i tried.

The rpm version is not under our control, we just link to it. You could contact the one who distributes it.


Eh no - I meant binaries, to install with sudo apt-get…


We haven’t managed to create binaries yet, sorry. It’s not that we haven’t tried. But this requires to compile with static libraries. And we have a problem with told libraries to get them static. Especially with Boost. I have no idea what kind of workarounds the Blender developers uses here, to compile with static libraries is not documented. But we cannot get it to work so far. And i have no linux installed, i work at Windows.

What works is to compile it by yourself. Tested in a VM, and this works fine. We have a tutorial for Ubuntu 17 here:


OK, thanks, I’ll try it.


Hey, btw, will any plugins or addons installed in it, work? The same way they do in Blender itself…? Or will any special “configging” be needed?


We had some problems with a handful addons in Bforartists 1. But what works in Blender 2.80 should also work in Bforartists 2.

Please file a bug report when you find a Blender addon that does not work in Bforartists 2.


OK, I tried it, it didn’t work. The script stopped - something to do with a compile failing, I think :frowning: I’m on Bodhi Linux 5 Apppack Version. Now what?


You could install a Linux version that is supported. Ubuntu or Debian :slight_smile:


Bodhi is based on Ubuntu, bro :slight_smile:


But it is not Ubuntu : )

Linux is a real drama. It is the nightmare of every software developer. You have over thousand different distributions with a dozen contradicting desktop solutions, package manager and and and. Everything is based at everything, but doesn’t work together. It is simply impossible to create a linux software that runs on all distributions. And congratulations for using exact such a distribution where Bforartists doesn’t work. It can be everything.

I have installed it flawless at Ubuntu so far. I think it was Ubuntu 18 that i have last tried. That’s the platform where i personally can say it works. But even this is no guarantee, since Ubuntu developers kills things with every new distribution for no reason. And i am no Linux user. I don’t like this OS for above reason.

A last thing that we could try is that you could tell us the error that you get with install_deps.h. Maybe we find the problem.


I’ve PMed you the error message.


Oh, and I do hear what you’re saying btw.


Thanks for the report.

The error message already says where the problem is. The OpenImageIO Library fails to compile at your Linux version. And as told, this can be everything. Most probably a missing or not fitting dependency for this library.

I wish i could help. But i am no linux user. I am of no help with this OS :confused:


I have created a tracker issue for your problem now. Could you please post the FULL compile log there? There is currently quite a bit missing.


Er - I refuse to use Github cause I hate MS. I’m posting the log in a PM - I hope that’s alright?
I have a feeling I’m just running out of RAM… do you think that could be?


Hm, but that’s where we deal with bugs and give support. We can’t do this in public and across the whole world, sorry.

You could register at our homepage, and we continue there. That’s Ms free, and you can attach text and logs and images. But handling and fixing the bug happens in the tracker.


It turned out it WAS out of memory! I gave it some swap and it got a little further. But then still failed. So I gave it some more swap, and it got a little MORE further. Bro, how much RAM does this thing need??? :slight_smile:

And how long does the compile ITSELF take? I’m not exactly on beefy hardware here… I’ve already wasted > 3 hours on this! :frowning:


Thanks for reporting back.

Okay, so it is definitely a problem with your PC, and not a bug at our end. As much we want to, i fear we cannot help you with that, sorry. We can just fix bugs.

Have a look at the linked bug report. We suggest a solution there. But that’s really all we can do. I hope you can manage it then.


Hey, I’m PMing you again, check.


It is not necessary to remind me in a thread that i have new pm.