Blender 2.8: Equal meshes show different results in UV Map


Hello all,
on the picture you can see a lowpoly mesh. Actually it is the box to create the normal map. I have then tried
to make the same mesh with the same seems in the original size. So except the size they are identical. But when
I unwrapped it the layout looked whole different. So the normal map does not fit with the mesh. Is there a way to
unwrap two of the same meshes and to make sure there is no difference in the layout?

OH, hope you also can understand my problem without a pic.


Here is the missing pic.


You should add a pic of the uv layout when that is your problem. And you should imho post in the Blender section since this seems to be a Blender problem.

Generally speaking, when you use the same mapping method with the same settings and the geometry is exactly the same then you should end in the same result. If not, then one of the first two points doesn’t match.

Into the blue since your trouble can have more than one cause, you can in Blender transfer UV maps, which could solve your problem. And have you applied scale and rotation at both meshes? Is at the one mesh by coincidence the mapping flipped or rotated by 90 degrees? Have you added a higher or lower bounds strength to the one, and not to the other?


Hi Tiles,

thanks for your help. Both meshes have the same seam s and were unwraped with Smart UV Project.
But the size and the position of the layout is different. But maybe I have another solution . I shall send an Information later on.


Here we have the first trouble maker already :slight_smile:

Smart UV Project does not require to set seams, they get ignored. It projects and maps the geometry from three or more sides.

Seams are just required for unwrapping with Angle based or Conformal. When you have set seams already, then you should unwrap.


You are right Tiles.
The problem is, that meshes with the same look can have different UV Layouts if you use Smart UV Project. . So I decided to set my seams and to unwrap manually piece by piece. After this I have exported the layout and loaded it in the UV Image editor. Just to have a template for the next unwrap. Then I once more unwraped the original piece with the help of the template. This way worked. But it’s pretty much work if you have complicated meshes.


Hm, never noticed this.

As told, you can transfer UV maps from one mesh to another. You just need to have the same geometry, means the same amount of faces.

I just can’t find a proper 2.80 tutorial for that yet. But the method is still the same than in 2.79. Google will lead you.


With a simple mesh this is correct. But if the meshes get more complex then Blender does different things .
I have tried some different ways. But I neverr had good solutions. As I said the one mesh is a little bigger than the
other. Maybe I have some other streching areas. I keep on searching and keep you informed.


So I just worked the way I said. And the result is not so bad. Especially the areas where the rivets are sitting it fits pretty good. Before this was one of the worst areas. Maybe I can optimize a little bit if I wok with more seams.