Blender 2.6: How to undo 3D cursor movement


hi, my mouse is very sensitive, and that’s why I sometimes place the 3D cursor on the wrong location by a undesigned left click.

But when I’m trying to click

Control + Z

in order to undo the accidental 3D cursor movement, it doesn’t revert.

So my question is: Is there an easy way to get Blender’s (2.6) 3D cursor back to it’s previous location? Thanks.


I’m going to give a provisional answer of, no. I will have to leave it to those more experienced with blender than I to give the definitive answer.

 I can, however, give you a roundabout solution.
 I had similar problems with the 3D cursor taking unscheduled trips to the top right hand corner of the 3D view port whenever I tried to split it and missed the handle, which was most of the time. I found the simplest solution, rather than improve my hand-eye coordination, was to set the 3D cursor control to double left click like so...
 The 3D cursor now moves only when intended but it's still convenient to do so.


That is flipping brilliant! Thanks SNJ!


Can you please describe the steps to accomplish this since, for some reason, I cannot see the image.



Open the user Preferences in the File menu, go to Input tab and set the 3D View/3D Manipulator/Set 3D Cursor to double click.

Hope this helps.


You can set the 3d cursor position from the Properties Panel (N).
Also, if you hit Shift+S you’ll get a pop-up with the Snap menu with a few options to position the cursor.


I do not have that as an option. I am running 2.63a (Windows) and when I go to the User Preferences on the Input Tab, I select 3d View -> 3D View (Global) and next to Set 3D Cursor, it just says “Action Mouse”. If I click it, it says “Press a key”. If I double click, it merely shows “Left Click”. Is there some trick to get it to recognize a double click?


Expand ‘Set 3D Cursor’ and set the two drop downs on the right to ‘Action’ and ‘Double Click’.


Now I feel silly! It did not even occur to me that you could expand that another level!! But looking at it now, with the little triangle, it seems obvious. Doh!



…or you install the Enhanced 3D Cursor extension, which allows you to set bookmarks, contains a cursor history, and drag and snap options. Better still, you can finally just drag the cursor, instead of clicking. Includes tangential guides for reference, and path visualization between prior locations of the cursor. Handy!


hvanderwegen, I did not know that add-on existed, thanks for pointing it out! :slight_smile:


Just make sure to deactivate this extension when you need full viewport performance for animation. It does affect fps when animating a character, I find. But it is great for modeling.


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