Blender 2.53 Beta has been Released!


Release log:
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UPDATE: Important notice from Matt Ebb (one of the developers of Blender):


Awesome news, congratulations to all of the developers and testers.

For anyone who likes sculpting then I’d advise you to check out the amazing new sculpting features/ tools developed by Jason Wilkins for the GSOC, of course there other really cool things about this release, but it’s my favourite part :slight_smile:


Great!!! :smiley:


So what are the new features? I can’t seem to find anything on the Blender site.

Oh there’s an info link. I’m an idiot.


You replied to yourself the same time I was going to but since Ive copied the link I might as well post it :slight_smile:


It doesn’t appear as if they have updated the sculpting section, so I have taken two screen captures to show the performance increase and the new UI for sculpting;

New sculpting UI -

New brushes, tools and brush/ texture pop-out menus, among many other things.

New perofmrance increase -

I’m not really sure what they have done and I know there are a few more features to go into the sculpting part of Blender but now it’s possible to sculpt with multi-million polygon models, taking advantage of multi-threaded brush strokes, which still allows fluid sculpting even when model rotation and viewport performance is slowing down.


Wow. This is AMAZING!!! In the above screen-shot I can read 25477790 faces? I can sculpt models with 25 millions faces in Blender? If so, well, goodbye ZBrush.


You can indeed, however with the matcaps enabled in textured mode you’ll not be able to reach that high as that mode doesn’t have the optimizations (From what I understand anyway) yet, but in shaded mode, which is what you use when modelling for example, you can achieve poly counts that high, and higher (45 Million is the most so far).

It’s also worth noting that you can use the three GLSL viewport lights like you would use the moveable light(s) in Zbrush to get a better understanding of the surface.

With the new python interface it’s actually possible, and very easy to copy the GLSL lighting code from the user preference panel to the N panel at the side and have three fully controllable light sources (Diffuse and specular colours are tweak-able + strength) at hand while sculpting, this is what I use instead of the matcaps, which, while nice looking aren’t so good while sculpting.


Sweet, downloading it now. :bounce:


is bevel back?


It is, as a modifier


Work with it for about an hour or so. The only reason i couldnt use it, is there is no masking (not that i could find). For me its impossible to work without masking.

Apart from that, once you understand how to set everything up, change the hotkeys (which isnt easy as they aren’t named - the sculpting section at least) and change the default blender shading its not bad.

But no mask, no sculpey from me. Is it possible?


I agree masking is a must for sculpting, it’s currently in Nicholas Bishops GSOC of code branch but it hasn’t been merged yet so it isn’t in the official Beta 3 release.

There should be builds over at which are from the above branch which will feature all of the new features in Beta 3 along with masking and other improvements from his branch.


EDIT: Masking tools


Masking is being worked on by another coder, Nicholas Bishop, in another Google SOC with focus on sculpting.

This feature in not in the current beta version of Blender, but will probably be in the final one. In the meantime if you want to play with it head over and grab one of the build containing it :smiley:


Wow! A lot of the new tools look really good. (Just reading the release log at the moment, haven’t tried out the beta yet.)

Blender is certainly shaping into something awesome. Hats of to the developers for their hard work! :slight_smile:


I will have to try it then.

Even though the labels for the hotkey in sculpting arent finished. ie Context Set, Context Set, Context Set.

The level of customisation is very impressive. I can use Alt to invert instead of Ctrl etc.

One thing that really needs work is when using smooth via the shift, i cant resize the brush. Another big boo boo. But the engine itself and the speed at which it ran. Very good, even if you had to pay for it.

As for the rest of blender…uhhh i have no idea. Looks a hell of a lot better than it used to and the MMB scrolling/panning of the columns/interface is super nice.


just wondering i am still using 2.49, now that this is in beta i take it i should start getting used to 2.5x?


That’s right.


There was talk of including code from Sulptris’ “dynamic mesh tesselation that will provide additional detail where necessary.” That would certainly put you ahead of the game with regard to the sculpting tools.

Does the fur cast shadows yet?
Does blender have a relevant import export path yet (i.e. Collada)?


Note to self: get your a$$ up and check out blender, coz its looking sweet!