Blender 2.40 released


Blender has had another long development cycle resulting in a release 
packed with rewrites, new features and improvements. The major additions this release are the Character Animation rewrite, the added Fluid Dynamics system, improved editing and rendering of Particle Based Hair, and the Modifier Stack.

More info at:

Release notes:


sweet Jesus!


As a max user, I am actualy jealous of how clean a lot of blender plugins look.

Autodesk had better for out a TON of compeditive upgrades in the next Max 8.5 update for subscribers. It already makes me ill to see how awsome other hair creation tools are, along with other integrated modeling and animation tools.

Thankfully I got a huge discount on my Max 8, but still, I want more :open_mouth:


HOLY CRAP! This is looking pretty sweet! I’ve been waiting on this release above all others. Time to play I guess. =]


Ya, James said it. :smiley: I’ve been waiting for this one…I love it, I can save money on upgrades now and just use Blender! :slight_smile:


It’s like christmas before christmas. :slight_smile: And to think that a lot of things were postponed for the next release - like material layers (done), node editor for materials and sequencer (being worked on). Then there are the SOC projects that didn’t make it in in time, like PyTextures, Improved Nurbs and everything else. I’m forgetting stuff of course, but the future of Blender is looking good. :thumbsup:

And that’s the kewlest splash so far! :applause:


Congrats – keep up the great work. :thumbsup:


Yes - and Blender´s better than EVER. :wink:

A x-mas gift for the artistic masses.
have HEAPS of fun - I know I will.


:bounce: :bounce: Busy donwloading it now! :bounce: :bounce:
This is the release we’ve all been waiting for…physics, hair, fluid, animation overhaul…bliss.
Good job developers! :thumbsup:


I’m always amazed by the small number of hits that every Blender release gets on CGTalk…

Gratz to the Blender Team. :slight_smile:


Darn you beat me to posting the news! I just downloaded it now. Can’t wait to see what new stuff I get to play with. :thumbsup:


w00t! It’s about time!

Great job Blender devs! :slight_smile:


Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy !:love:

Did you notice? Blender now imports and exports to the COLLADA file format !


SWEET! I have a nice long train ride to play with this on tomorrow! :bounce:


Wow. Free 3D software.

I had a look at their website, but can’t find any detailed Blender specifications. Like, what kind of 3D file types can you use… .3ds? .obj? .lwo?


Who’s website are you refering to?


You’re able to import and export .lwo and .obj files with Blender. These are import/export scripts but the most popular ones are build into Blenders UI now so you don’t need to fuss with python scripts for the formats you are used to.



3ds, obj, lwo, collada import and export are built in

direct x and xsi export are also built in

animation support is the major lack though - I think direct x and cal3d are the only animation capable formats currently but not positive.

The Animation API was fixed only a short time before release (the complete animation rewrite required the API be rewritten) and thus exporters haven’t had time to catch up quite yet.



Thanks pnoland and Tom for that information about file types (I couldn’t easily find it on the website)

I’ve already got modo for modeling, but now I know that Blender can import .lwo files, I’ll be able to give it a go and see how it renders objects modeled in modo. It’ll give me something to do over the holiday break.

It’s still hard to believe that this is open source free software. It’s brilliant.


Absolutely loving this new release. Everything we’ve seen in the cvs & alpha builds comes together perfectly. The only thing I felt was lacking was the interface overhaul from tuhopuu.