.Blend web or ftp hosting... where?


Altaken’s site isn’t taking more registration. Where could I host a blend that is almost 3 MB so that it can be downloaded fairly fast?

It is for a “Christmast Present” for the community that a group of blenderheads has been working for some time. We where hoping to release it on Chirstmast Eve… but my usual free web-host hast a policy for purposely slowing down big files downloads for non-paying customers like myself.

Actually I need to host the .blend and the .html cotaining the tutorial about how to use the .blend. But the .html I can host them without much problem (kind of slow, but it works ).


Any idea how many people (ballpark) are going to access this? I have about 25GB of transfer a month with my account. I’d be happy to host for you as long as it’s not, like 10,000 people hitting it. Email me -at- harkyman (dot) com.

I’m going out of town for a few hours today. I should be back around 3:30 or 4:00 Eastern time.

Alternatively, if you have a link, even to a slower host, post it here and I’ll grab it and put it up as soon as I get home.


Try at Elysiun. There some people have pro hosting. Waiting for your Christmast present.


take a look here.


Cool !!

Harkiman, I’ll e-mail it to you as soon as I do some last minute touchups, so it all stays on the blender family, but if it proves to a heavy load on your bandwidth we’ll add a ezshare mirror.

How many downloads? Hard to estimate without blowing up the surprize… but I’ll say maybe 10 or 20 downloads per day. It isn’t something THAT fancy.


I sent you an e-mail with my host. Its bandwith is quite unlimited.


i did not receive your e-mail… could you please re send it to jjulio.pena (at) verizon.net.do

(of course the " (at) " has to be changed to the propper symbol… those spamming companies has turned me into an e-mail paranoid).


Waiting for it… I’ll be here for another two and a half hours before I’m off take the family to Christmas Eve services. Send it over, and I’ll post it and give you a link.


Already sent (hope it makes it on time). Preparing the some .html about it right now.


Got it! Your link:


This is a 1.75 MB file.

I also made and posted:


The zipped file is 579K.

You can link to whichever you prefer.

Merry Christmas, and enjoy the weather down there. It’ll be 4 degrees fahrenheit tonight here in Pennsylvania!

(this message also sent in email so you get it soonest)


Yeap. On the original file all the hair was parametrical and the file was about 3 MB, but I turned it into simple mesh objects and it downsized nicely to 1.75 MB :thumbsup:


Haryman, further down the road would it be possible to know how many people has downloaded it?


Yup. Just ask when you want to know.


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