Blend Shape issue


hey guys im using winodws 7 and maya 2011 to create blend shapes for my character.

ive paint weighted the character now and am doing the blend shapes. while adding the blend shapes i have noticed an error. when i move the jaw using the blendshape the rest of the body seems to tear away slightly from the rig. any idea whats going on?


Did you import your blendshapes into maya from another program? I know I had an issue similar to that a few months ago where my blendshapes would move the body up by about 1% of a unit. Not really much, but if you have multiple shapes active, it could cause some major issues with the rig. How I fixed the problem was using the Paint Blendshapes tool found under Edit Deformers. This tool acts a lot like the Paint Weights tool so using it shouldn’t be a problem to use. I have actually found it quite useful as I normally create blendshapes using Zbrush and this can really help with any issues I may encounter along with the ability to split between the left and right sides.


Really there could be a couple of thing going on.


Since you already skinned your character, you need to make sure that the create blendshape options are set to ‘front of chain’ when you create them.

Or you can also change the input order if you have already created the blendshapes

Select you character, Right click and choose all inputs. Then you can middle mouse drag the blendshape down under the skin cluster.


Maybe the duplicated geo. (blendshapes.) weren’t zero’ed properly. Did you move them and do a freeze transforms?


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