blend Shape Heartbreak


OOOO this is exciting my first post on CGTalk with an actual relevant/I have tried for hours/ i don’t know question. Okay my name is Jonathan Lowry and I am in the process of creating my first character rig. I am following a tutorial by Delano on digital tutors. I have recently run into a problem where I go to blend shape between two heads and the base head MOVES CRAZY up. When creating my base head I duplicated different copies over time so that If I ever needed a previous copy or didn’t like my additions I made I would simply revert back to original. I now think that thinking has screwed me.


I think the problem with my baseHead is the node “baseFace_0Shape1Orig” but I do not know how to fix it and everytime I attempt, Maya crashes.

I look forward to any helpful feedback provided. Merry Christmas to all!


Did you freeze your transformations on the blendshapes or base head? freezing transforms on blendshapes is a no no. It causes offset info to be lost that is required to not have the main head move around.


no i did not freeze transforms. it would not be able to morph if transforms were frozen.

i created a base head and then bound it but throughout the course of construction of my rig I have scaled the rig to different ratios and I lost track of the true scale of the head. I think that it’s scaling back to the true head but I want to know how to scale it to how the head is now WITHOUT painting weights again


i couldn’t figure out how to fix the problem at hand BUT instead I duplicated the head, bound it again, copied weights and then tweaked weights that wouldn’t copy right. took about a day to figure it out. also in learning this I realized that when i duplicate heads for blendshapes … the heads will properly deform only when you duplicate head from bind pose …

… constantly learning about rigging

… anyways … next time my question will be better



Yup… generally speaking you want to import the head model rather than duplicate one that is skinned to avoid introduced any subtle deformations to your blendshapes. The bind pose should work but I prefer to always start out with the original model.


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