Blend Rotations in the Motion System



it’s been a while since I used the motion system. I’m trying to blend 2 mo caps from mixamo and though I’ve discovered the pivot system that only seems to do position. I’ve got the character turning left and then I want it to blend into a right turn(almost as if the character is turning back). I’m sure I remember something about relative rotations but I can’t for the life of me remember how to do it.

Can anyone help.




Perhaps the blend mode info about 8min in this video will help.



thanks. I’d watched that and that’s what told me about the pivots. But the part you mentioned doesn’t quite do what I want. Maybe I dreamt it but I’m sure there was some kind of way of having rotations be relative - ie 2nd ones start from the last rotation rather than their own start.(I’m not expressing this very well). Just dragging the 2 motion together means it just blends but it snaps(albeit with some smoothing( to the start of the 2nd animation(the right turn). It could be that because I’m using the hips as the base of the motion clip that there is no “zero position” for it to work with.



Hi Trig. I understand now what the problem is but I’m a noob when it comes to the motion system so unfortunately I can’t help much. Interesting problem and I’d like to know how to resolve it too. There are a few members on this forum that are much more qualified and I’m sure they will chime in soon. :slight_smile:



I did a comprehensive video tutorial on the whole motion system. There is a chapter selection in the video info.




thanks, I did look at that tutorial. I think the problem is that I need a sort of relative rotation of the hips object but c4d has no way(as far as I can see) of knowing that. In the left turn the hips rotate(for this example) 90 degrees and the right turn they turn -90 but because it’s the base object of the motion clip it doesn’t know to start the 2nd rotation from the end(or at least the beginning of the blend) of the first rotation. Watching the arms they do seem to blend better(but it might be because of the numerous joints that are rotating that I don’t notice it as much).

I might have to come up with another way for doing this.(I’m acutally just using xpresso to copy some of the rotations to a separate object that I’m trying to give more human like motion)

EDIT: I just tried something using 2 moves that have less extreme rotation in the hips(2 versions of looking around) and they seem to blend much better, so I think the massive rotation of a turn left and turn right is a bit too extreme to blend well.