Blade Runner - Scene from a Movie Competition , Ilya Nedyal (3D)


Title: Blade Runner - Scene from a Movie Competition
Name: Ilya Nedyal
Country: Israel
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

Collaboration between Ilya Nedyal, Alina Gal and Steven Chagnon.
A real time game scene which will fit into movie Blade Runner.
Was made for Scene from a Movie Competition at
In Game screenshots from inside CryEngine 2.
There is no post work done in photoshop other than resizing and cropping.


Models: Steven Chagnon & Ilya Nedyal
Textures: Steven Chagnon & Alina Gal & Ilya Nedyal

Contact information:

Steven Chagnon - - stevenchagnon(at)
Alina Gal - - alina.gal87(at)
Ilya Nedyal - inedyal(at)

Big Images:


Am I the only one impressed? Even if this was not real time, I would be very impressed. Great work:thumbsup:


This can’t possibly be real time. even rendered, this must have taken an hour. Very impressive.


very good!


:applause: I love I love this!


cool! really awesome!


Well its indeed in realtime :slight_smile: It was made for a game competition which requied using game engine or realtime shaders.

This is wireframes from 2 shots:

And progress thread can be found here:


Yup, I agree, this is great stuff. Love these cyberpunk places - loved the movie too. Rain, dark, city, future… yeah!! Gus in California


This piece is really beautiful. Amazingly detailed for real-time render. I love anything inspired by Philip K Dick. Just one question…is the lettering on the movie marquee supposed to be overlapping?


Good work guys, killer movie :slight_smile:


wow this is great, 5 stars for sure great wip thread.


That is unbelievable work! 5 Stars from me. :slight_smile:

Now, you MUST go forth and make a playable Blade Runner DM arena for Crysis out of this.

It would be a travesty for such work to be only available in still form.

Where are the Bladerunner next gen games!!!??? (they’re doing Aliens, why not give us “the best”).


Actually realtime? Wow. :applause:Realtime on what kind of machine? (I have to ask.)


Wow looks amazing even if it was post processed in Photoshop. Even more so if it’s a real time in game render.

5/5 from me

P.S. Is it a mod for Crysis or stand alone? Any chance we could try it ourselves some day :wink: ?


Impressive and equally beautiful work, and even more so considering it’s realtime. I easily give you all 5 stars for this. :thumbsup:

/ Magnus


Ha! Very nice! Oh, and i see there an Atari logo :slight_smile: Like Unreal style! :applause:


Awesome work! Congratulations. Also I like Blade Runner very much.


wow wow wow! So nice ! Damn when I look at this I just think someone should produce a next gen game ! That would be nice ! Well good job!


i feel an your movie really
really great gob i like it very much

good luck 4 ever :beer:


Amazing work, can we see this in motion? is there a video or screen capture of the scene?