Blackbody Radiation Shader or Idea for Maya Fluids


thank you Tai for this handy tool! really really appreciated :smiley:


@ Mathias & @ Tai …Its working now…both with maya 2012 & 2013.
It was my bad that i tried to download as right click & save as…it gave me some wrong file it contained some html tags in the .py file…
now i downloaded the proper *.zip file & it works like a charm :smiley:

cant wait to apply this shader on my sims…will post the results soon…


  • Vik


nice test Mathias,


Really nice tests.
Thank you Mathias!

But my name is Tai Komatsu, not Taiko Matsu :cry:


oops, corrected it, sorry!

thanks again :smiley:


Here is my Test of your shader but I somehow end up using the multipliers. Is this a normal proceudre, should I not be getting desirable colors and intensity by default, or maybe I fiddle with my temp and fuel too much…

Test 03 Resolution is 500 ( 250 * 214 * 500 ) 26,750,000 VOXELS

Simulation time took almost 2hr on Core I7 2600k 16GB RAM

Cache size for Test 03 is smallest size 321 MB and biggest size is 941 MB in total for 100 Frames is 53 GB , I hope these numbers can help you with people who are thinking why your fluids dont have enough details like you see in other fluid tests.


Sweet test , also awesome sim Mathias…!!

Tai Komatsu thanks alot for this amazing shader :slight_smile:


Firstly, I want to thank you for this handy tool Tai. :applause:
I thought i’d try it with Arnold since the new release supports fluids but unfortunately the shader doesn’t seem to be compatible.
I’m not sure if it’s something you could look into if you have access to Arnold or if SolidAngle would bother looking into it.


THarland, it’s not Tai’s fault. MtoA doesn’t support the Temperature Incandescence Ramp in the fluid shader for now. Only color. Hopefully that will change soon :slight_smile:


That explains it.
Thanks Mathias!


Thank you m0z, THarland.
I’m using mtoa, but haven’t render fluid yet.
Thank you for inform this problem!!


Hi i have made a couple of simulation with blacbody plugin

great shader for fluids :slight_smile:


furry ball does a pretty nice job of rendering…what kind of render times?


From 2 min ( simulation where is fire ) to 30 min ( explosions ) explosions has autoresize on them that why rendering is longer.


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