Black Spidey, Dario Berruti (3D)


Title: Black Spidey
Name: Dario Berruti
Country: Italy
Software: Lightwave 3D, Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

This is my last work.
Modeld in Lightwave and rendered in Maya with Mental Ray.
Final retouch in Photoshop.
Was inspired from the original black suit of Spiderman, not from the one on the motion picture.

Hope you like it!! :slight_smile:


very nice modell and render i really like it, but it would be nicer(?) if some netsplines were coming out of spidys hands = ) but anyway nice picture 5*


forgott the stars… sry


i like your image … such a great image … and i like your lighting
can u tell me how many light source do u have ??


great work man, that composition kicks butt too. 5 stars


Thanx to all for the comments!!

I have used 4 lights: 1 HDRI image for the basic light, 1 Key for the moonlight and other two lights for the environment bounce.


I think you meant LATEST work, right? This shouldnt be your last work.

Nice model and render you’ve got there.


Yes!! Sorry for my bad english!!! :slight_smile:

Thanx for the comment!!



[b]Black Spidey…nice concept.
really nice work and definitely it’s our latest work

5 star from me


Nice model ! :slight_smile:


hi D_Brutal :smiley:
good modeling, nice shading and lighting, and composition
imho, this image have a lot of dynamism.
5*… (cosi arzamo la media limortacci uhaauhuhauhauha)

but… need more smog! haha



To start off I really like the image. The modeling look great and the lighting and composition is well done. I do feel that the DOF is a bit off. Spidy’s left had is out of focus but the building behind it is in focus. Also the shading on Spidy give him a little bit of a plastic look. And you might add a little bit of a motion blur. Agian thought great work and I really like it.


good job… like the pose … backgroud is shanghai of china…?


figo! :thumbsup:

nice model, texture and lighting… really good work Dario…

…anche se lo potevi fa un po meglio, eh! :slight_smile:



Thanx!! No, the background is a mix between various skyscrapers, one of them is from Shangai :slight_smile:



This is a very good work, i like the lighting a lot it matches with the composition very well!

Good job Dario keep it up

Vai blupuuuuuuuuuurooo!:thumbsup:


sweet image. i agree a webline would be nice, it’s not absolutely necessary. just to echo everyone else, everything here is great. congrats.


awesome i love it… And yes for the original black suit spidey… movie one was ok… Im a big old spiderman comic book guy. If i could model like you i would have modeled spiderman. great job.


Grande Dario!Molto illustrativa come resa,complimenti!:buttrock:


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