Black Friday Deals for 3D artists


Hello guys!

I have an idea to collect in one topic all Black Friday deals for 3D artists. Could you please help me and add more information? Maybe you know about software or clipart offers? - would appreciate you.

Firstly, as 3d artist, I want to start from 3d clipart and share with you information about big Black Friday sale on Hum3d - 70% discount on a lot of 3d models

Any other offers?


KStudio are offering 30% off
for 3ds Max plugins including Project Manager from Nov. 23-26.
Use the coupon BLACKFRIDAY-2018 during checkout.


Thanks for starting this thread Liam2132. Some people are unaware that there are good deals going on.

Allegorithmic is offering 34% off on Substance Painter and Designer.

Pilgway is offering 20% off of both amateur and professional versions of 3DCoat 4.8.


X-Particles or Cycles for %40 off !!! Now that’s a deal.

A List on Toolfarm