Black Friday: 40% off at Insydium


As in most of recent years, Insydium has a Black Friday offer: 40% off for everything but subscriptions.
That would mean 155€ for Cycles4D

The offer is active until december 3rd. If you conisder this then be aware that getting the demo might take some time as they will contact you via email.

Great, now I have to think the whole day about whether to buy Cycles4D or not…


Recent Blender Cycles updates have improved speed dramatically and added various new 3d noise nodes and a variation node output to make it easier for shading things like leaves with different colours.

It’s only a matter of time before they arrive in Cycles4D. With RTX and Intel’s denoiser Cycles4D will be a renderer to be reckoned with. There are plenty more optimisations being planned so the gap to Redshift speed is closing rapidly.


I guess this is the best opportunity to boost rendering in C4D regarding bang for the buck . Given that I will stay on R21 most probably this is basically a no brainer.
Still would like to test it first. I hope they give me the trial soon…