Black edges around model


Dear CGTalk people :slight_smile:

Until now I always worked using 1 unit as 1 meter.
Because of some problems while using booleans, dynamics and other stuff, I figured I should use it as Maya intended i.e. 1 unit is 1 cm.

So now I opened my first library item to scale it to the new size. But when I do that, this happens:

Can anyone tell me how to get rid of those nasty black edges around my model?
BTW: the box was drawn this big, not scaled. So I reckon the scaling is not the reason.

When I check Two Sided Lighting, it looks good again. But my older method (1 unit = 1 meter) also looked fine when I unchecked that option. I use that to spot normal-issues, so I rather keep it unchecked.



change your camera clipping values, otherwise you end up z fighting


Thanks, but I did that already.
I have my near clip set on 0.001 and my far clip on 10000000.000
Still no changes. It does get less bad when I set my near clip on 1.000, but it’s still there :frowning:


Lower the high value, no need to be anywhere near that high.

edit: well you might have a reason to have a value that high, but the z-fighting is being caused by such a difference between the low/high clipping values.


I’ll look into that some more.

Other thing:
I really don’t understand maya with this units.
In the preferences the default setting is 1 unit = 1 cm.
Why is my grid in perspective view just 24x24cm? If you are working on a house for example, the grid in perspective is just plain useless. Not that I use it that much, but I want to understand why this is.


I think its likely because of inches and feet. So your grid would be 24" or 2’

But then as you say maya defaults to cm. Maybe in earlier versions it didn’t, I’m not sure.


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