Black 350z, Jamie Clark, Samjam Design (3D)


Title: Black 350z
Name: Jamie Clark, Samjam Design
Country: United States
Software: Lightwave

This is a new render of my 350z.

I added some new wheels.

It was modeled and rendered in Lightwave.


nice render, model and NICE wheels :slight_smile:

now i just want to see it animated :stuck_out_tongue:

and could you post some wireframe shots…


excellent work,
a lot of detail and good shader.
well done.


it seems nice from here but it’s a little bit dark i think could you use more lighning

and the wheels are excellent deatails congrads…
nice render and shader…:thumbsup:


hehe, like your signature qur “life is a editable mesh & keyboard error press F3”


great rims… I’d have to say the overall render is a bit dark … or perhaps just the background


Nice work, good modeling, and the shaders look very good, I do think that it looks dark a bit, the side of the car is very dark…But hey great work…What did you use for Reflection ?? Did u use HDRI for both reflections and lighting ??


I like the rimms , could you show us a render of the brembo brakes ?


Ok, that one is great. Very good work.

I'm doing one too, at the moment, but after seeing yours :sad:

Would be nice to see more renders.


wow…nice render, wheels and materials…I like the colors look
only a little dark…
more renders!!


Hey thanks for the replies everyone glad you liked it :slight_smile:

Here’s an updated render with a little more reflection on the sides… I changed the angle so it’s not so black.

I’m in the process of rendering other shots as well.


I like the model and everything really good, but the only thing that bothers me is the color of th rims. Its just a preference thing. Good modeling though.


Here’s a rear view :slight_smile:


Awsome job! I luv that car; great job!


And finally a wheel shot… and I changed the color of the rims for you Darktwin :slight_smile:


Great model. I love headlights and rims, they look very very good. Only to crit… hmm… I don’t like material of rear indicators and also chrome material on rims and exhaust. Anyway great job. :thumbsup:


great rims man

good job
can you show sme wire
thanks VİPER edit you life:scream:


Thanks for the replies everyone… sorry this was so late… was on vacation :slight_smile:

Here’s the wire…


hey imatk, the car looks awesome, I really don’t know why you haven’t won an award for this yet :shrug: but yeah, the car is awesome :thumbsup: keep up the good work


Thanks man :slight_smile:

Just knowing people enjoy it is reward enough… although I will take cash if offered hehe :smiley: