Bizarre Love, Jcombe (3D)



so it’s images from an animation test
-not hi poly render
-only blur is done after rendering



image 2


image 3


image 4


image 5


image 6


image 7


image 8


image 9




WOW! Amazing stuff. I really would like to see the animation.


I know im not the first or will i be the last but when can we see the animation, this is lovely work you have there.:buttrock:


i need to work again the voice, the facials end effets before to show the animation



hi jcombe can u send me a large shot so i can make a poster for my bed room??
send a cool shot if possible!!


WOW!..amazing work at every level…what else to say…hummmmm…ho I know: get back to work cause we’re waiting for animation (OK I admit, it’s always the same request, but you teased us first with your images:D )
Keep up the good work:thumbsup:


Really nice… (girl ;))
The animation… vite vite vite



looks fantastic. When do you think you’ll post the animation?


:thumbsup: this is real cool! sure hope we can see the animation sooner or later! These screenshot are amazing! :smiley:


You’ve got one of the coolest styles I’ve ever seen. I love how the dark haired girl’s hair is all blown around like that. I too can’t wait to see the animation. Hurry up! :slight_smile:



That’s very impressive!!:eek: :buttrock:

I’like your modeling (girls :stuck_out_tongue: for exemple)
your environement is beautiful! :wink:

I would more pics! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good work! :thumbsup: