BitBeat viral campaign images, Stefano Oggeri (3D)


Title: BitBeat viral campaign images
Name: Stefano Oggeri
Country: Italy
Software: After Effects, HDR Shop, Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

Been quite some time after I last had a chance to post something we’ve done: this time we cooked a few viral videos about a small robot called bitBeat. It’s a bunch of CG on live action plate shorts, intended to be looking like some sort of stolen handheld camera clips taken inside a lab dedicated to the development of a next-gen-and-still-believable robot.
You can watch them on this website.
Hope you will like 'em, and stay tuned for more! :wink:



And here we have a few more shots:


and finally:



Your renders are AMAZING!
-Bit Beat

My latest works :
Ultra Realistic-OceanShader:
T4 Virus:
The Mechanical Blue Mussel:



These are so great! I love the way it is finally presented. The copy machine bit is hilarious! Good stuff!


Sorry guys: one more post eheheh
The video is also available on youTube


this is great model texture and render
5 stars >>>


Bit Beat is amazing… i found the web site and there’re images and video not posted here…

take a look guys…impressive…


Sorry Double Post. :shrug:


Haha, these renders are great! Love the robot, and the compositing!


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