Birthday Greeting Card WIP


To start off, I’m an enthusiast artist currently (admittedly not close to the skill of the majority of members here though here goes) and I’m making this particular piece for my Significant Other as a custom birthday greeting card.

I used Adobe Photoshop CS3 for getting the character images, imported into AI cs3 where I used a 6.5 x 9.25 box cut in two sections for left and right sides with a .125" subtracted border (each side) for bleed zone followed by a .25" subtraction (each side) border leaving the design zone

The size of the card is 6.25" x 9" (planning on getting a white envelope for this card, seems like the normal)

I don’t know if anyone has seen the show Arrested Development or not, it recently made a comeback with Netflix’s assistance. Long story short she’s a huge fan so I made one for her off some material from the seasons.

Front of the card comes from this scene:

The style of the card is themed after the posters released for the season 4 return of the show. Here is a link to those.

This link is for the outside of the bday card

This link is for the inside of the bday card

Any thoughts to critiques or feedback is appreciated. If nothing else hopefully someone will come across arrested development as a new show

TLDR: Making a custom birthday greeting card for SO, she is a loving fan of the show arrested development so I tailored one with an arrested development theme and am looking for feedback.


I’m confused. This is DTP, not illustration is it?


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