Bird Brain Feather Creation and Animation


Tool that I have been developing for creating and animating feathers on birds.


Wow, very cool. Good work.
Especially the animation feature.


Amazing! Some really great stuff you got going in there!


Take my money Now!
Well done, when is it going to be released… It is going to be released? :cry:


I hope it will be released. Still some work to do on it for bugs and features and then it will be ready. Don’t know what it will cost yet.

Glad you like it.


Admit it, this is just an extremely elaborate April Fool’s prank… you’ve just written this incredible script to fool us all. I know it!


Haha, I did it all with mirrors actually;)


The timing is perfect! If it wasn’t Paul, I’d say this would be the saddest April’s fool prank ever! Get so excited just to discover it’s all fake…

I’m glad it’s 100% real! The real magic is HOW DO YOU FIND THE TIME PAUL? You teach, have a studio to run, and still got time to play in Maxscript/Plugins! You’re my hero! :bowdown:

Let’s sell this plugin already! By the look of it, feathers is but just one use of it - I can easily see it applied to make animated grass to the wind :thumbsup:


I built this for a Disney project where I needed feathers so time was only an issue as I needed to get it done so that I could work with it.


Amazing… I imagine you also took inspiration from the photos you shot with your Nikon, right?

Still drooling here :drool: !


Sure did, my walls are covered in them so it got a good start. I didn’t do the final look but modeled and did the initial feathers and textures and the client took it from there as they were using VRay and I don’t have it. I also did the rigs.


Serious, think about releasing this as a plugin (is it a plugin or is all MaxScript?). This can be used to distribute/animate feather, scales, grass…

Just think about changing the name for something a bit more multi-purpose and you’re done :wink:


Looks fantastic, Paul! Doesn’t look like it’d require much (any?) alterations to make it a very effective way of distributing grass that moves in waves with wind forces, as per Davius’s suggestion. Lovely stuff!


Very cool (and useful) Paul. I watched the full video and hoped to see a render or two but see you posted one here, looks great!


Glad you like it Kelly, it was certainly fun to create. Feathers can really look any way that you want since they are at this point just planes. I want also set it up so that they can be any geometry.

The tool is a Max Script not a plugin about 3.5K lines. Biggest issue with it is the final speed of all the feathers needed attached to a surface. In the birds shown there are some where around 6-7K of feathers. The speed of the painting even with just Max Script isn’t to bad at all as I’m sorting all the feathers into a KD Tree for faster searching. I’m sure that can be optimized as well as it really only got one pass over it as I just didn’t have time.

Glad every one likes it.


Paul, sorry to ask, but how do you implement a KD Tree in Max?


What is a KD treee anyway? Haven’t been using Max for a while, that something new or was it in the program before release 2011?


KD tree is a manner to organize objects in a “Tree” array fashion. It’s meant to allow for fast searching of specific objects by obeying certain conditions while searching. It basically discard a whole bunch of objects which don’t fit your search requirements in order to speed things up instead of testing every and single object to see if it fits your searching criteria.

At least that was what I understood from Wikipedia :smiley:


Yup, that is a good explanation of it. It is not a feature in Max it is programming method for searching data. In this case the data was 6000+ feathers. It is similar to an Oct Tree but uses a balanced approach. First time that I really had to write one that needed to be really quick. I still think that what I’m doing can be made faster.


Thanks for the explanation.