Biped + neck animation always resets itself!


Hello eveyone! I’m having a little problem here with my biped character that I’m trying to rig in Max 8. This is my first character that I am trying to rig so bare with me.

Right now I have the biped setup with a simple animation that turns the head 50 degrees to the left and also the neck is slightly bent forward.

So I save my work and when I come back and load up my file I find that the animation of the neck has somehow messed up the natural position of the starting rotation! It pops up right and twists a bit! here’s some pics:

good animation:

bad animation:

any suggestions?


Well I tried to animate neck movements forwards and backwards. The strange thing is that whenever I reload the file the neck always pops back into the errect position, which is very strange. It just doesn’t like any neck movements forwards or back wards.

So I tried to duplicate the neck animation in max7 and it seems to work alright. However I don’t want to work in max7. Any help is appreciated.


well, I had these problem with biped 2 day before the dead line’s end.

but it was with the hands.

I have no good solution, but to save your rig, and creat a another biped et do all the animation again -_-

I know :smiley: not really a solution, but this is a biped bug… one among many -_-
bones animation is the best way to do…


Hey thanks for the reply dude :slight_smile: , this is not really the good news I wanted to hear, but I guess bones is the way to go anyways. I just liked the beginner friendlyness of biped so I tried that instead. However it seems it is time to bite the bullet and do some bones tutorials!


hi what version of max8 are you using. ther were a lot of bugs in max8 and know in service pack 3 there are almost all shorted out.

He have this bugs a lot of times in max without service pack , so if you go to the discreet website and download service pack 3 should fix your issues ;).


[li]Issues with retaining Figure Mode have been resolved (SP 1).[/li][li]Pasting an animated pose onto a track with no keys now functions properly (SP 1).[/li][li]Footstep Mode issues with the walk cycle have been corrected (SP 1).[/li][li]You can now set Quaternion keys for the neck of the biped (SP 1).[/li][li]A crash related to changing tracks to Euler and then exiting figure mode (SP 1).[/li][li]An issue relating to Physique and Twist links whereby the skin is corrupted after saving then re-openning scene. This has been resolved (SP 1).[/li][/ul]
[li]Biped problem in pelvis while in figure mode (SP 2).[/li][li]Fixed keyframe interpolation changes (SP 2).[/li][li]Crash when using Clear Animation on bipeds from previous versions of max (SP 2).[/li][li]Crash when performing create collection, copy posture, undo, redo all. (SP 2).[/li][li]Hand transforms transfer into figure mode. (SP 2).[/li][li]Added entries in the .ini file to be able to set TCB default values for the different Biped key types (SP 3).[/li][/ul]


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